Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Zoltron Sue Nami Resin Sculpture Release

After 6 months of wonderfully tedious work with the exemplary team at Bigshot Toyworks, Zoltron is ready to release "Our Ambiguous and Immaculate Lady of Armageddon & Natural Disaster, Sue Nami."

Sue Nami was first unearthed in 2011, during the tragic Fukushima meltdown, while working on a poster for DEVO. From there, she took on a life of her own and her story continues to evolve. You can read her story here.

This is a very limited edition 9" Polystone Resin statue. Polystone is a compound made up of resin and powdered limestone, which gives it a durable and tangible, heavyweight porcelain-like finish. Each sculpture weighs just under 5 pounds and ships securely, in a laser cut foam insert, sealed inside of a fancy-pants box.

Because Z is insane, each sculpture is composed of 6 individual pieces, hand-cast, hand-assembled, hand-painted and hand-finished... Handy, right? Sue's braids are metal re-enforced. A hand screen-printed felt base helps to prevent surface scratching and secure her footprint.

Each sculpture is individually serial numbered and has a custom UPC code. Sculptures are retail boxed, ship with a fancy holographic sticker and are only available online exclusively at

Multiple painting techniques were used to achieve the finish, everything from hand painting, to airbrushing and transparent shadows washes. They used various sheens, matte paints, gloss and semi-gloss finishes.

Sculptures ship with corresponding, and as of yet unreleased, silkscreen Sue Nami & Bigshot Toyworks stickers printed by the heavies at Sticker Robot.

Yellow Nuclear Edition of 100
Black Angst Edition of 50

Online Release Thursday Feb 14 at apx. 11AM PST the Z Store.

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