Thursday, July 9, 2020

N.C. Winters A Moment of Magic Art Print Release

N.C. Winters has a new art print dropping this week.
This print has been in the works for months now, an art print version of my Dave Matthews Band gig poster from September of last year. I knew I wanted to release the image on its own at some point as an art print, and in working on it since the original, the world has changed in many ways. It’s made it hard at times to continue certain creative plans made in the past, while properly focusing my creative energies on the right way to move forward. Many have expressed that me continuing to make art and do what I’m doing is still appreciated, and that makes some of it easier. So here we go: a new art print that I’m proud of and that I hope you’ll enjoy.

“A Moment of Magic” is an eight color screenprint, printed by the always stellar crew at Lady Lazarus in Houston. For this art release, I tweaked a couple areas from the previous incarnation as gig poster (sky, shadows, a few other tweaks) and added a transparent flake gloss in a pattern in the border and on the metallic and “shiny” areas of the print for added pop. In the images below, you can see the border pattern as a visual element, but in reality, it’s truly a transparent layer and is only visible from an angle. See pictures below for more clarity. - N.C.
The prints will be available in three colorways: "Main", “Nostalgia” and “Dusk” which echo the original gig poster colorway releases. He’ll also release a very limited (usually 5) hand-embellished versions of each print in the original drop for an added purchase price for those wanting something extra special. As always, these are uniquely hand-embellished, no two exactly alike.

The prints go live in the online shop this coming Saturday, July 11 at a random time after Noon EDT.

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