Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Jay Ryan Wear A Mask Print & More

Jay Ryan has released four new art prints and by far my favorite is the "Wear A Mask" one.
Says Jay
"Generally I try to keep my public service announcement prints kind of positive and optimistic, but these are indeed weird times.

Some people apparently have a hard time understanding that we still have to wear masks because the virus is spreading because people aren't wearing masks. No one wants to wear masks, but if this minor inconvenience is what saves the lives of other people, aren't you smart enough to be a team player? Of course I'm not directing this at anyone who's receiving this email, but I expect we've all seen ignorant folks being willfully ignorant. Hope they can get their stuff together before more folks die.

I hope you are all healthy."- Jay
Get it, the Desert Rambler and a couple of skunks over at

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