Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Sebastian Bentler Orgasmique Art Print Release

Sebastian Bentler has new print available titled Orgasmique.

It is a four color Screenprint on 315gsm Innova Soft Textured Natural White handpulled by the artist.
Sheet size: 42x59cm (17x23″)
Edition of 10.
Signed, stamped and numbered.

This print obviously saves worthy women from the apocalypse, tsunamis and the like.
Walking through the waves as if in a bathtub. Actually the only work on Earth worth doing - saving those souls is the only true pleasure. But no one knows that of course. Was close to be called ‚What She Wants‘ but the title was too obvious and who is she anyway? But yes, back to the topic, suitable in times like these, close to the "climax".-Seb

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