Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Grateful Dead Prints By Nicholas Moegly & Caleb Williamson


Bottleneck Gallery's Grateful Dead Artist Series returns with Nicholas Moegly and a follow-up from Caleb Williamson!

Nicholas’ Grateful Dead print pays homage to Jerry Garcia’s legendary house in San Francisco, 710 Ashbury. An unimaginable amount of stories, art, and culture stem from the landmark location, and Nicholas’ interpretation is graceful, charming, and nostalgic.

Caleb takes us on another GD journey with his newest print, The Caravan Continues! Caleb’s fun shapework and joyful coloring return, along with a crew of Bears ready to rock out on a trippy road trip.

Caleb and Nicholas’ prints will be available for purchase on Wednesday at 12PM EDT in the Bottleneck Gallery Shop !

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