Friday, June 25, 2021

Vertebrae33 Cloudkicker Poster


When I started reading the email from Vertebrae33 about his new poster my first thought was whats a Cloudkicker.

So wiki delivered the info

Cloudkicker is a post-rock / post-metal musical project based in Columbus, Ohio, created by guitarist Ben Sharp. Sharp, a commercial airline pilot, doesn't pursue Cloudkicker as a full-time project; he releases his music as "pay what you want" under the Creative Commons license through Bandcamp.

 Love play on words with the band name and Ben being a pilot. 

  Poster is 18x24 6-color silkscreen poster edition of 100. Signed/Numbered by Vertebrae33.

Available now in Vertebrae33 Store HERE !

 Check them out, here is the their album from last year.


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