Thursday, February 12, 2009

That Sharpie Scavengers Series by Kathie Olivas

Remember the speculation last month about a possible “DIY Scavenger Series” by Kathie Olivas? The rumors were the result of pictures found on J.ME’s blog and spanned the gamut of whether this was a PhotoShop hoax, the ultimate fan tribute or a new DIY production series. Well, the answer is none of the above. It turns out that these are part of a blind-box series based on characters from Scavengers series 1 and 2, all primed and hand-Sharpied by Kathie Olivas herself. In order to get these rare figures to her most devoted fans, the Sharpie Scavengers are being offered to mailing list members only. Publicizing the web link is strictly forbidden, as it encourages flippers, while the fans miss out. I support that, as people are flipping mini-Hazel’s for $200 on the bay. So this is a heads up informational message only: if you’re hard at work in your cubicle and happen to be on K.O.’s mailing list, take the risk and check your personal email now!

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