Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two more new Jay Ryan art prints from Edinboro

a one-color job called "maneuver your donuts".

re: the issue before us. image area is about 6 x 7 inches. five plates.

Check out the new Jay Ryan art prints he did at Edinboro University. On sale details to follow.

Jay is not printing the lithos. they are being printed by john lysak and courtney lang at edinboro university, assisted by a handful of awesome print grad students.

They spent the weekend getting B.A.T. prints (bon a tourner, i believe, which means 'ready to rock'). the prints are being editioned now, and for the next few weeks.

Jay expects to have prints in hand around flatstock time, or soon after. (for the record, since they weren't printed at the bird machine, they are *not* part of this year's subscription.)

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