Thursday, February 5, 2009

AP Accuses Obama Artist Shepard Fairey Of Copyright Infringement

Though written by a variety of different detractors for a questionable array of reasons, the common thread binding them all"aside from a thinly masked veneer of obvious envy in most cases"is a nearly ubiquitous lack of understanding of the artist"s use of appropriated imagery in his work and the longstanding historical precedent for this mode of creative expression.

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The AP has no grounds for this silliness.
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  1. I don't see infringement. His head is more upright and he doesn't have the divit on his hair line. Beside President Obama only has one physical appearence. Any number of millions photos of the President could then otherwise be infringement? You know..NONE of us, and by us I mean the world, could not wait for this change but, not everything is a lawsuit and I can't wait for America (as an American myself) to change its ways with litigation.