Monday, November 24, 2014

Jim Mazza Eric Church & Skrillex Posters On Sale

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Jim Mazza has released 6 new posters for a bunch of recent concerts by Skrillex and Eric Church. He only has 5 of each of the Skrillex posters so you better get on them quick.

Buy them at

Christmas Story The Greatest Gift Poster by Darin Shock Release Details

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A Christmas Story is still one of my all time favorite movies and now Darin Shock has new poster for it that he is dropping on Monday. Entitled "The Greatest Gift", it's an 18x24", 3 color screen print that will be $40. He'll also have a metallic red variant for $50. 
Details from Darin on the poster:" A Christmas Story is not only the ultimate Christmas classic, I'm prepared to declare it one of my favorite films of all time. It's a simple tale with many rich layers and comedic hard truths about childhood. Although I didn't grow up in the time period, it paints such a vivid picture that it somehow seems familiar. Plus I've always been fascinated with the build up to Christmas. This film is just genuine.

Long before the 24 hour TBS explosion I made certain I watched it every year without exception. Now I watch it 4-5 times in a row in a debatably unhealthy manner. Simply put, no film is capable of making me feel like a kid more than A Christmas Story, and I like feeling like a kid...there's no mortgage or mouth sores.

This was indeed a passion project that I am quite proud of and very much enjoyed working on. The only downside is I had to design it (and therefore watch the film several times) in the midst of my ritualistic horror film binge of October...that was frickin' weird! The ShiningHalloween IIIA Christmas StoryPoltergeistDawn of the DeadA Christmas Story. Honestly I'm not sure if I've recovered from such unnatural experiences."
On Sale today at 2PM EST at

Tron Poster by DKNG Studios Galerie F Release

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For NERDY NOVEMBER Logan Theatre has screened some very classic sci-fi and video game films, alongside some love-to-hate kitsch flicks. Galerie F got lucky when DKNG Studios chose TRON as their film of choice for the month. Thirty two years Tron first graced the silver screen, and despite its box office flop, it's still making waves in the film and sound engineering industries. Galerie F are pleased to present this film poster as their second Logan Theatre release.

Designed by DKNG Studios
Printed by FugScreens Studios
Edition of 125
$45 plus shipping

ON SALE MONDAY November 24 2014 AT 2PM CST over at

Mear One Freedom For Humanity Print Release Details

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Mear One has an incredible 14 color screen print titled Freedom for Humanity being released through 1xRUN this week in two color ways, regular and chrome.

"This piece 'Freedom For Humanity' is a symbol of the attitude we should be taking when it comes to our rights as human beings. It’s a play on George Orwell’s 'Newspeak' from his novel 1984 where he combines and condenses words to create a new language. Language is so important for understanding what it means to truly be free, yet it is constantly being eroded, redefined, and replaced to suit the corporations and superficial consumer pop-culture trends for profit.

People need translation out of our current language based on greed towards a more meaningful and insightful existence, using language based on our humanity, sharing, and cooperation. I want to inspire critical thought on the implementation of 'Newspeak' in our current Orwellian, media-blitzed reality." - Mear One
On Sale Tuesday November 25 at NOON EST at

Jeff Soto Eddie Vedder 50th Birthday Poster Sale

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In honor of Eddie Vedder's 50th birthday in one month, we're now running a very special promo code at to help his fans collect posters they still need. Use the code EV50 to receive 50% OFF any Eddie Vedder posters they have remaining in stock! This promo runs until Dec. 23. Some of the posters are almost gone so hurry while supplies last!

Squadt Ferg & Brandt Peters Terror Boys Gohstbat Yeti Wizrd Western Figure Release

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Screaming down from the mountain top comes the newest Squadt figure from the minds of Brandt Peters & Ferg. Terror Boys Gohstbat Yeti Wizrd Western Figure has been unleashed upon the world.

This killer figure includes-6" vinyl, ABS, fur and cloth.
HT lenses, 2.1 and classic arms, claw hands, jeweled sword cane and a removable helmet.

Buy it now at

Kevin Tong Batman The Dark Knight Posters Artist Edition Release Details

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Keving Tong's posters from Mondo’s official BATMAN 75th Anniversary Art show will be up for sale from his online store at a random time on 11/24/14.

The prints are available individually and as sets with matching numbers. All prints are screen prints with metallic inks and are all signed and numbered.

The sets will be released first at a random time on 11/24/14 and the individual prints will all be released at once shortly after. All sets include a bonus unreleased print in addition to the four prints. Check out the pictures above for the prices for the individual and set prices for regular and variant Batman prints.

The Lumineers Santi Pozzi Buenos Aires, Argentina Poster

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Santi Pozzi did a good looking poster for The Lumineers in Argentina. The poster is a 3 color screen print 61x44cm (17x24in) on 300grs Ilustracion Mate Paper
Signed and numbered edition of 90
Price U$30 + shipping
If you want one shoot Santi an email at

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Avett Brothers Asheville Miles Tsang Posters Release Details

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The Avett Brothers had 2 very special posters made for their 2 night stand in Asheville Halloween weekend and Miles Tsang just killed it.

Details on the posters
18" by 24"
 4/5-Colour Giclee on Transparent PETG/Holographic Rainbow Foil
 From one cumulative artist edition of 50.  Numbered, remarqued, and signed by the artist. Printed by the Dupriest Company.

Due to the popularity of the posters Miles is doing this on sale lottery style

Go over to his website and read his process post on how he created these posters the instructions on how to enter are towards the bottom of the page.

Go to if you want to enter the lottery to have a chance at buying the posters.

Winner of the Tomahawk Dan Grzeca Poster

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A winner has been chosen for the Dan Grzeca Tomahawk poster and that person with comment #12 is Dolemite43. I hope he likes buffalo wings, Dolemite43 email me your address and will be shipping the poster to you.

Thank you to Dan Grzeca for providing the poster, be sure to check out his work at

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Beastie Boys Box Print by Karl Tagle

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I still remember when the Beastie Boys released Licensed to Ill and the single Fight For Your Right To Party. MTV played the crap out of it as did every radio station but it was just fun music. 28 years later, inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and piles of accolades their music is still near and dear to many people. To the 5 Boroughs is till my favorite album, it just rocks.

Karl Tagle an Australian artist still loves the Beastie Boys as well. So much that Karl created this print named Beastie Box.

“Beastie Box”
Grey - Ltd Edition 385
620 x 445mm – Metallic Gold inks.
250 gsm white tablex
*Each print hand embossed with artists logo
$ 35.00

“Beastie Box”
Variant - Rust - Ltd Edition 185
620 x 445mm – Metallic Gold inks.
250 gsm white tablex
*Each print hand embossed with artists logo
$ 50.00

Get your Beastie Box now at


Lars Krause Motorhead Berlin Posters

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Lars Krause has released a couple of great posters featuring the legendary Lemmy for the Motorhead show in Berlin, Germany last week. The posters are 4 Color Silkscreen in two colorways on sand colored heavy paper measuring 16.5 x 24.8 inches

The red Version is printed in an edition of 80 signed and numbered.

The blue Version is printed in an Edition of 50 signed and numbered

Buy them at

Friday, November 21, 2014

Dan Grzeca Tomahawk Washington DC Free Friday Poster Giveaway


Fans of Faith No More will really like this weeks giveaway since it features a band Mike Patton is part of, Tomahawk.

Back in 2013 they got back together to play a limited number of shows and this was one of the posters from the tour. It was done by Dan Grzeca for the show in Washington DC on June 5. The poster is an 18 x 24 inch screen print.

Now go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments or scroll down (depends on how you see this post) to leave a comment to have a chance at winning the poster. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM PDT Saturday November 22 with the winner announced on Sunday.

Stay warm out there and good luck to everyone that enters. Thank you to Dan for providing this rad poster. If you are in the Rockford University area head out tonight to see the art show with Dan, Jay Ryan and Steve Walters

Shepard Fairey Chinese Soldiers Letterpress Print Release Details

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Obey Giant will be releasing a killer new Letterpress print by Shepard Fairey next week. Chinese Soldiers is 2 color Letterpress on 100% cotton Lettre paper, 110# with deckled edges. Signed and numbered edition of 450.  OBEY publishing chop on left corner.
10 inches x 13 inches, frame ready.   Ships rolled. $65. 

Release date: Monday,  November 24, 2014 at a random time between 10am and 12 noon PST in PRINTS.

Adam Pobiak Boxer Rebellion Tour Poster & Blue Friday Sale Details

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Adam Pobiak will be releasing a new Boxer Rebellion poster on Friday November 2t at 4pm GMT (11am EST, 8am PST).

 Main Boxer Rebellion edition details:
4 colors: metallic silver, white, blue, and black
printed on Episode IV 270gsm thick brown card
edition of 190
signed and numbered
size = A2 (420 x 594mm or 16.5 x 23.4in)

And of course there will be variants which can be seen at NONE of the variants have edition sizes more than 5!

Adam will also be doing a "Blue Friday" sale. EVERY order placed on November 21 2014, will receive 1 free poster (randomly chosen but most likely with blue in it)
All orders will receive a free print no matter which print was initially purchased.

Justin Erickson Jack White Prague Poster Release Details

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Justin Erickson will be releasing his Jack White posters from the Prague show.

13/11/2014. Forum Karlin in Prague. The poster is 18" x 24" 3 color screen print. Signed and numbered artist edition of 120. Show edition of 195.

I asked Justin about the design:" The design is inspired by the lyric from Lazaretto, "My veins are blue and connected." I experimented with a few different ways to represent that before getting inspiration from old medical engravings. Since medical drawings of that era had plate numbers to distinguish them, I have this one the number 3, which is a recurring theme with Jack White."

Buy it at 12:30pm EST Friday November 21

Dragon Age Inquisition Prints By Arik Roper, Erika Williams, Dan Mumford and more

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The French Paper Art Club have a new official project along with Electronic Arts. They celebrate the release of Dragon Age Inquisition, the third opus of what became a must have for all the med-fan video games lovers ! The game is released on November 21st, and they have just organized an art show featuring 10 international artists (Dan Mumford, Erica Williams, Arik Roper, Jebedai, Kanthesis, Ian Wilding, Matthew Griffin, Gax, Carlos Olmo and Guillaume Singelin).

All the remaining copies of The Dragon Age Inquisition screen prints are now on sale! All those beauties are available in limited quantities. These are official screen prints and giclees, especially commissioned for the release of the most anticipated console RPG of the year. Enjoy !

On sale and details HERE for all the prints :

Details for some of the prints:

Dan Mumford – The Grey Warden
4 colors screen print
Size 18’×24’
Limited Edition of 50 copies
35 euros

5 colors screen print
Size: 60 x 40 cm
Limited Edition of 50 copies
35 euros

Erica Williams – Dragon Age Inquisition
5 colors screen print
Size: 18″ x 24″
Limited Edition of 50 copies
35 euros

Arik Roper – Dragon Age Inquisition
6 colors screen print
Size 19,7′ x 27,5′ (50 x 70 cm)
Limited Edition of 50 copies
35 euros

Olly Moss Campo Santo Firewatch Posters

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In support of the video game Firewatch he is working on Olly Moss has released 3 new posters through Campo Santo. The posters are 16 x 24. Three limited run prints screen-prints by Olly Moss.

These are on sale for a very limited time (96 hours). Order before 12pm Noon PST Monday, November 24th. They'll be hand numbered after printing.

Buy them in Campo Santo Store

Kii Arens Tame Impala Los Angeles Poster

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Kii Arens has new Tame Impala poster that will bring life to any room that needs attention and color in you home. The poster is 18" x 24" Fluorescent Lithograph Signed/Numbered series of 100 for the recent show in Los Angeles at the Shrine.

Buy it at

Ryan Mowry Wovenhand & The Atlas Moth Tour Posters

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Ryan Mowry will start selling his official Wovenhand tour posters. They are 2 color with a gold metallic wash and printed on black French paper with run of 80. He will have them for sale at a random time on his etsy page Friday

The Atlas Moth is actually just a one color printed on yellow pop time, banana split French paper. This was also their official tour poster with a run of 70.