Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Foo Fighters Ken Taylor Perth & Adelaide Posters Release

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Here are Ken Taylor's 2 other posters for the Foo Fighters tour of Australia.

Foo Fighters
Adelaide 2015. 5 Color silkscreen + Silver Metallic.
620 x 420mm.
Edition 350 Signed & Numbered

Foo Fighters
Perth 2015. 5 Color silkscreen + Silver Metallic.
620 x 420mm.
Edition 350 Signed & Numbered

 On sale now at

Munk One 311 Caribbean Cruise Posters 2015 Release Details

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311 fans have 3 huge events they look forward to every year, the New Orleans show, 311 Day show and of course the Caribbean Cruise. Munk One did the poster for the crazy ass event and he did it right with a sexy mermaid.

For those of us not on the cruise Munk One is pleased to release 2 different AP versions of the recent 311 Cruise 2015 Print

Official 311 Caribbean Cruise 2015 AP by Artist MUNK ONE
5 Color Screen Print
18”x24” on White Stock S/N AP Edition of 50. Signed and Numbered by MUNK ONE

Official 311 Caribbean Cruise 2015 FOIL AP by Artist MUNK ONE
5 Color Screen Print measuring 18”x24” on Foil paper S/N AP Edition of 30

Official AP Release Date Wednesay March 4th, 2015 at 11:30 AM PST

David Lyle All Aboard Print Release Details

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On Wednesday 1xRUN will bring you the work of anther new artist David Lyle and his All Aboard print release. David Lyle is a New York based artist who was born in Okinawa, Japan. He earned a B.A. in studio painting from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He explains his work by saying, “My paintings are inspired from found photographs or ‘discarded memories.’ I feel that to find a lost photo and paint it, allows the photo and the memory to have a second life. Although I don’t know the people in the paintings, I can relate to certain memories and certain times in my own life. By using black and sepia tones, the paintings take on a nostalgic or cinematic mood and I generally try to keep a voyeuristic feel to them, as if the subject is unaware that they are being watched. I like to keep my paintings realistic yet hazy, just like memories can be.”

All Aboard is an 18 x 14 archival pigment print with a signed & numbered edition of 50.

"This painting is part of my current show titled 'Everyone's a critic." This series presents a caustic commentary on the art world and what mystifies the public about the art world – art that is not made by the artists’ themselves, money as an end game, art-speak, etc.

The idea behind this piece is basically about the acceptance and commercialization of graffiti. Where in the past, graffiti was looked at as an illegal eyesore to the public and now it is adorned and used in the main steam media, sold as fine art and used for commercial purposes." - David Lyle

On Sale at NOON EST Wednesday at

Jay Ryan Polar Bike, Go North & South Prints

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On Saturday February 28, Jay Ryan had his seventeenth Workshop at the Bird Machine, featuring ten guests who came in to learn how they go about making a print. Over six hours (and after some before-class set-up by the TBM team), they made an edition of 100 pieces of POLAR BIKE, above, using four screens and a load of donuts and pizza.

Jay Rayn finally got some time to make these eight by ten inch prints based on the murals The Bird Machine painted at the Onion's AV CLUB headquarters back in January. These 8x10" prints consist of three screens and are extraordinarily well-behaved, considering the tusks. There is a walrus buddy to accompany the mammoth of the Go North print.

These prints are available now in the store at!

Tim McDonagh Paradise Blossom Print

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Skull and Heart have released their newest screen print in their Paradise series. This limited edition print from Tim McDonagh was designed exclusively for Skull & Heart, entitled: “Paradise Blossom"

1 Color White Ink, on black Plike stock paper (230gsm), 18″ x 24″ in size, limited edition of 40, Signed and Numbered by the Artist.

Link for purchase:

Jeff Troldahl Sco-Mule Minneapolis Poster Release Details

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Since the news came out that Gov't Mule was finally releasing Sco-Mule, a collaboration with broad-minded jazz guitarist John Scofield, there's been plenty of speculation and anticipation. The power trio began as a part-time side project for then-Allman Brothers Band guitarist/singer Warren Haynes and bassist Allen Woody but, along with drummer Matt Abts, was so well-received that the southern-roots jam band ultimately took on an unexpected life of its own. In doing so they have been touring with John and calling it Sco-Mule. They only have 8 shows left in March if you want to catch them.

One of the recent shows was in Minneapolis and Jeff Troldahl did the poster for the show and created a funny Scooby Doo inspired poster for the concert.

The poster is 16"x22" inches and it is a 5 screen print. APs will be on sale on Jeff's site Wednesday at 12 CST

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

James Flames The Decemberists Europe Tour Poster & New Print Release

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James Flames is really excited to announce his new Print, titled "The Story Of Our Lives...".

The illustration features two people sitting atop a hill, allowing their memories and lives to spin around in their heads. And as they write out their personal stories in their journal, the pages take flight to essentially join in with the rest of their memories. The print is 18"x24" Five Color Screen Print, Hand-Printed Edition of 100, Signed & Numbered

This is a hand-pulled 5 color screen print. James took some photos and video while he printed these this past weekend check him out on Instagram to see them.

The artwork also served as the official poster for The Decemberists recent European Tour. This version of the poster was immaculately printed over in the UK (for obvious logistical reasons) by White Duck Printing. The posters sold out so quickly that they had to reprint more mid-tour. This version's artwork features the tour dates and cities written into the journal pages. The poster is 18" x 24", Five Color Screen Print Artist Proof Edition of 50, Signed & Numbered -

These will both go on sale Tuesday, March 3rd at 1pm Eastern at

Rhys Cooper Foo Fighters Australia & New Zealand Tour Posters Release Details

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Foo Fighters have been touring Australia and New Zealand and only have two shows left in Australia. Rhys Cooper has done 4 posters for the tour and will have them on sale this week.

28th FEB 2015

24th FEB 2015

21st FEB 2015

 18th FEB 2015
All posters are 5 color silkscreen poster on heavy 250gsm paper stock printed with INSANE metallic inks.
All posters numbered and signed. Edition of 300
12 x 36 inches

I asked Rhys about the idea behind the designs :
 The idea for the poster was to look back at arcade space fighting games like Space Invaders, Centipede and Galaga as inspiration.
I like to think of the two pieces as either side of the machine graphics with the Foo Fighter space bounty hunter being the pilot of the ship on the other side.

Posters will be available midday Thursday 5th March Australian time,
US 4th Wednesday afternoon/night at

They will also be on sale at at the same time.

Ewok Mischief Prints On Sale

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Los Angeles Graffiti artist Ewok made debut with 1xRUN recently with his first print release with them titled Mischief. Which as Ewok puts it " I love graffiti, and I hate police. This is a humorous look at the tension between the two." The print is a 10 color screen print with a signed and numbered edition of 75.

"The theme is part of my overall 20-something year old love affair with graffiti. It’s part of my evolving perspective on it going from being a secret hobby/identity to being a viable means of self expression and quasi-making a living.

I recently started putting a top-hat on my throw-up ‘E’, and then the E kind of evolved into a character. From there the character started being in all these graffiti-type scenarios, so I figured what better way to show that than having him being chased by some hideous pig/cop character." - Ewok

Get into some mischief right now over at

Matt Valentine Mystery Tube Poster Sale

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I have shown you Matt Valentine's work on the blog several times and now he has a mystery tube poster sale happening. Good way to check out a new artists work. He's got 12 tubes packed and ready to go... each tube contains 3 limited edition art prints/gig posters, there's some stuff that's sold out, some stuff he never released for sale and some test prints in different colourways... Matt is also throwing in to a few tubes some original sketches and there's one or two super rare woodcut bandannas he printed up a while ago.

Buy a mystery tube and check out his work at

Monday, March 2, 2015

Laurent Durieux The Godfather Part 2 Movie Poster Release

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Odd City is set to release another outstanding Godfather poster by Laurent Durieux. This one shows Vito's arrival at Ellis Island and the start of his new life.

Godfather Part II by Laurent Durieux
Limited Edition 24x36 screen print
Regular Edition – 375 prints, $65 each
Variant Edition w/ Italian Text – 200 prints, $100 each
Wood Edition (regular colorway) – 60 prints, $300 each

All Editions printed by SP Productions in Brussels with 12 Colors

All prints numbered and signed by the artist PRE SALE begins Friday, March 6th 2015 at the Odd City Store at a random time.

311 New Orleans Posters by Maxx242 & Brandon Heart Release Details

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311 and their fans are recovering after the 4 day cruise to Jamaica and hopefully will be ready for the New Orleans posters sale. Last week I showed all the posters that Maxx242 and Brandon Heart did HERE (See all the poster pictures there) for the shows in New Orleans. Now I got the info for the folks that weren't there on how to grab a poster.

311 NOLA Regular Edition Posters - $50.00 each plus s/h
18" x 24" 6 color screen prints for 311's Night 1 and Night 2 shows at the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA.
Edition of 40 signed and numbered Night 1 (Skull) posters by artist Brandon Heart
Edition of 40 signed and numbered Night 2 (Woman) posters by artist Maxx242

311 NOLA Foil Edition Posters - $75.00 each plus s/h
18" x 24" 3 color screen prints on rainbow foil paper for 311's Night 1 and Night 2 shows at the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA.
Edition of 20 signed and numbered Night 1 (Skull) foil posters by artist Brandon Heart
Edition of 20 signed and numbered Night 2 (Woman) foil posters by artist Maxx242

311 NOLA Uncut Poster - $100.00 each plus s/h
24" x 36" 6 color uncut screen print for 311's February 22nd and February 23rd, 2014 shows at the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA.
Edition of only 20 posters signed by artists Brandon Heart and Maxx242.

311 NOLA Uncut Foil Poster - $150.00 each plus s/h
24" x 36" 3 color uncut screen print on rainbow foil paper for 311's February 22nd and February 23rd, 2014 shows at the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA.
Edition of only 20 posters signed by artists Brandon Heart and Maxx242.

All posters for sale at 11am PST on Tuesday, March 3rd at

Rich Kelly Dogfish Head Brewery Aprihop Poster Release

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At Dogfish Head Brewery, they see the beer they brew as a form of art, and they love to pair it with original work from artists who share their off-centered outlook. This year, they're working with Rich Kelly, an illustrator from Pittsburgh, on the seasonal labels.

To come up with the art for their four seasonals – Aprihop, Festina Peche, Punkin Ale and Piercing Pils – Rich studied the brewing process, the ingredients of each beer and the culture of Dogfish.

Let's hear from Rich how he approached the project and arrived at the final version of the new Aprihop label and poster:

When I started out, I recorded all of the information I could regarding the different ingredients, the geography of their origins and the process of brewing. Then it was a matter of creating visuals to accompany that information and then combining those visuals into one cohesive image.

With a lot of my work the characters are almost engaging with the viewer, making eye contact or performing an action for an audience. It seems as if these are almost snapshots of specific events

There needs to be an elemental connection between all of the images. After the first round of sketches, we steered the direction of the series toward a spectacular bazaar kind of theme. All of these characters could be a part of a traveling Dogfish Head circus, each with an off-centered characteristic or talent.

While the art was rendered to fit 12" x 18" posters, I also had to consider how this information would read on the side of a beer bottle. Therefore I decided to go with a fairly straightforward sans serif-looking font. The lines that strike through each letter at the X-height are a nod to that lined paper we used to write on in grade school to practice our letters, as a way to link these contemporary figures with the imagination of our childhood.

With these pieces, I really wanted the characteristics of each season to inform my color choices. Over the past couple of months I have been making a more conscious effort to make insightful choices when it comes to the palettes in my work. My natural inclination is to mute everything, and while that might be appropriate for some jobs, I feel that a lot of the images could be enhanced with a more vivid color scheme. It's really about exploring more possibilities and challenging myself so that the work can evolve and grow.
 The Aprihop Posters will be on sale Monday at NOON EST at

DEADHYPE Posters King Ghidorah & Earth

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Markus and Stefan are from Austria, they just started a new screen printed poster series called DEADHYPE They got a print titled King Ghidorah & a gig poster for the band Earth.

The Earth poster is a 5 color screen print for the "Earth" show on 02.02.2015 at Arena, Vienna (Austria).
Illustration: Dr.Knoche
35 x 67 cm | 13.8 x 26.4 inches
Mondi Premium Ivory Board 300 g/m²
Acrylic Ink
Limited run of 50 prints.

The King Ghidorah print is technically the first release. "King Ghidorah" is a 5 color screen print.
Illustration: NVasion
Size: 50 x 40 cm | 19.7 x 15.7 inches
Paper: Mondi Premium Ivory Board 300 g/m²
Acrylic Ink
Limited run of 35 prints.

Check them out at

Sebastian Bentler Deception is Over Print

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Deception is Over is the new print by Sebastian Bentler. The print depicts a famous photography of John Lennon and Yoko Ono regarding Vietnam War with a few 'subtle' changes.

Screenprint on stenciled and spraypainted backgrounds, varying colors + UV/Matte finish on 300gsm Arches hand-torn cotton rag paper with deckled edges.

Size: 58x67cm (23x26″)

Each print is hand finished, varied edition of 10 (colors are varied).

Signed, stamped & numbered..

- Horrible lies of media propagated reasons for wars in the world.
- Extreme and non-official change of the nature of 'wars' since WW1.
- Deception on various levels of human history & the propagated paradigm.
- Stars/entertainment of any form to keep people 'running' and their conditioning to do what they are being told.
- A psychic epidemic called 'Wetiko' by Native Americans in a wider sense.

Buy it at Sebastian's Website

Winner of the David Welker Skull Captain Print

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A lot of you have a great sense of humor and I even learned a little something from this giveaway. A lot of people mentioned One Eyed Willie and I had not idea who that was and found out of course he was in Goonies, which I have never seen (stop groaning ha). I thought there might be more Han Solo entries than there were. The baseball players like Stargell and Clemente were cool choices as well. Some folks were straight up lazy or did not read the story and did not post a captain's name so those were deleted.  It also seems a lot of you enjoy Captain Morgan as well hahha. But as I was typing up the story Thursday night I thought to myself I wonder if anyone would think of Star Trek, being completely honest it really did cross my mind. Then as many of you know Leonard Nimoy who played Spock on Star Trek passed away Friday morning.

As you know for these giveaways I always use the Random Number Generator to choose the winner but this is one of the cases where I'm making an exception. Rich Lordbacon (no way that could be his real name, if so that is awesome) with comment #11 james tiberius kirk is the winner in honor of Leonard Nimoy. If more than one person mentioned Kirk I would have used the RNG but one got it. So Rich email me your address and I will be shipping the print to you.

Thanks again to David Welker for the print, be sure to head over to his website and join his mailing list. To everyone else Live Long And Prosper.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The 1xRun Print Vault is Open

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Throughout the weekend 1xRUN will be dropping select RUNs from previously sold out editions including numbered editions, artist proofs and printer proofs as part of their ongoing collector appreciation. If there is older release from them you are looking for now is the time to see if you can get it. There are over 50 prints for you to choose from but the archives will be closing soon.

The Vault is open for a limited time right now at

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dig My Chili Avett Brothers Dallas Posters Release Details

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It's been a little while since Dig My Chili released a poster by they have been slaving over the stove and got some fresh chili for you know. They did the posters for the two Avett Brothers shows in Dallas last night and tonight. Dig My Chili will have both posters on one sheet. They used 5 colors and printed them on silver paper. The regular posters wil have a run of 200 and each poster is signed and numbered. They also did a variant for this one and used metallic colored ink. That is an edition of 45 and they are signed and numbered, as well. Both posters measure 28 x 24 inches as well.

Dig My Chili on the design:
 Part of it comes from the Pegasus being the unofficial/quasi official symbol of Dallas. (There's a huge red neon Pegasus atop a downtown skyscraper that was once the home of Magnolia Oil which much much later became Mobil oil.

Overall it has a bit to do with our can do attitude as a city and as Texans in general - this city rewards those that take a chance, work hard and eschew fear. Which, to us, is the same attitude and direction the Avett Brothers come from. They are true to themselves and their music. They aren't afraid to work hard and do things their way…so it just seemed like a natural fit. Add to it that we have the strongest most beautiful women in the world...

Oh and there are a few Avett Brothers song Easter eggs in it too.
 Posters will go on sale at 9:30 PM central time tonight at the Dig My Chili Website

Zombie Yeti Swans New York Poster

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Zombie Yeti has released the first part of a Diptych poster for the recent Swans show in New York city. Part 2 will be revealed next month.

I asked Zombie Yeti about the design :
The story behind the design is pretty simple really. I had been looking at old Japanese matchbooks and originally wanted to do a send up to some of the fish-men style illustrations. I hate doing 'my take' on something done before so directly, so I started splintering out from that seed.

 I had intended on doing some animalistic crustaceans when I sketched this monkey head next to a skull. It all kind of clicked and I ran with the idea of a monkey crab with a skull shell. 

I stepped away and came back to it and my perspective changed a bit. That seemed to make too much sense, so I killed the claw and went for a spider-monkey with a skull shell instead and weird hybrid crustacean arm parts.

Limited edition of Gig Poster from February 26th, 2015 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY show.
The poster is 18" x 24", 3 color silk screen print on French Paper paper. Signed & Numbered.
You have your choice of two colors as well.
Standard Edition on Lemon Paper($30.00) of 50 pcs.
Variant Edition Gold Metallic Paper ($60.00) of 15 pcs.

Buy them at

Bobby Rosenstock Wonderous Wonder, A Marvelous Marvel Print Letterpress and Woodcut

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I really think Bobby Rosenstock is a glutton for punishment or really likes using his wood tools. He has created a stunning Letterpress and Woodcut print. This is real old world craftsmanship and dedication to the medium here folks.

A Wonderous Wonder, A Marvelous Marvel
This is a 6 color woodcut & letterpress print, measuring 19" x 25", printed in an edition of 100. It was hand carved in birch wood and manually printed on a Vandercook SP20 on to French paper. It is available now for $75 here: