Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rob Loukotka Desk of Dr. Venkman & Mystery Print Giveaway

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Finally. As the 6th desk in Rob Loukotka's Famous Desks series, he illustrated the office of Dr. Peter Venkman. As a kid, Rob watched Ghostbusters on loop every single day, so he was surprised at how many of these items he could almost draw from memory.

The desk itself is pretty accurate to the location in the film, and Rob spun the viewpoint around so we can see the Ecto-1 in the garage area as well.

There are 33 items hidden throughout the poster, coming from both films in the series. (Admittedly, MOST of the items are Ghostbusters I, but there’s some Ghostbusters II stuff as well).

The variant for this Famous Desk poster has the same design and inks in the daytime… but when you switch off the lights there’s an entire SLIME layer! Like any glow in the dark poster, you’ll need to “charge” the glowing ink by having lights on for a while, then you can see the glow design after you turn off the lights. Pro tip: Shine your cell phone’s flashlight onto the design (in the dark) and you can watch the ink do cool glow trails.

Rob is also doing a mystery print giveaway all week on his website. https://fringefocus.com Basically he is printing some mystery 8x8" prints here in house, with a wood block technique. These will be signed and numbered, and limited to a timed edition of however many orders he gets this week. These prints are free with any order, and are automatically added to the cart with any purchase whatever. Cool cool! This offer runs until December 4th Friday.

Head over to FringeFocus.com to buy them

Andrew Ghrist Marceline Vampire Queen Adventure Time Print

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Galerie F have released the final print in their collaboration with Cartoon Network for the Adventure Time show, this one is very special and is from their good friend Andrew Ghrist.  It is again available in a standard and variant edition.

All regular prints are editions of 175 and are $45
All variants are editions of 75 and are $65

Buy it at GalerieF.com

Sean Cliver Serial Party Print

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Paisley Skates have released a hilarious print by Sean Cliver titled Serial Party and it just maybe the scariest birthday party ever for your kids.

The print is an 11 color screen print measuring 31 x 9 inches on Coventry Rag Vellum 320gsm White paper. It is signed and numbered by Sean with an edition of 75.

Can you name all the special "guests" at the party ? 

Head over to http://paisleyskates.bigcartel.com to get one.

Jermaine Rogers Scoundrels & The Exchange Print Release + Vinyl Figures

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Jermaine Rogers BIG TUESDAY sale happens on Tuesday, Dec. 1st at JermaineRogers.com ! It will be filled with special items that he held back from his recent appearance at Designer Con 2015.

CHOICES (Dero Skin Variant) -
Now, you can snag the award winning CHOICES figure by Jermaine Rogers in this rare 'Dero Skin' colorway. This piece was released at Designer Con 2015 and the amount allocated for sale there sold out in minutes. He held back just a few of them to offer online.

From an edition of only 25 pieces. First come / first served.
- 100.00 plus shipping/handling.

CHOICES (Unpainted Variant) -
For the DIY customizers (as well as the completest collector), here is the award winning CHOICES figure by Jermaine Rogers in a rare, unpainted edition. This piece was released at Designer Con 2015 and the amount allocated for sale there sold out. He held back a few of them to offer online.

From an edition of only 50 pieces. First come / first served.
- 60.00 plus shipping/handling.

Creeping Dero: Deity - TALISMAN -
The 2nd piece in the Creeping Dero: Deity series, TALISMAN is crafted in a custom 'jade' resin. From a very limited edition of only 25 pieces, Jermaine will have just a few of these available, held back from the quantity released at Designer Con (which sold out in minutes).

Comes in a cardboard box, signed and remarqued by Jermaine Rogers.
- 150.00 plus shipping/handling.

Measuring approx. 21x18 inches and printed on gallery stock, this screen print is Jermaine's tribute to his two lasting heroes, Han Solo and Chewbacca. The entire world is on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the new 'Episode 7', due to be released in December. Even bunnies and bears long to be intergalactic scoundrels. Jermaine Rogers says, 'it's a very special print. 12 year-old me would be proud.'

From an edition of 200 prints, this piece is signed and numbered by Jermaine Rogers.
- 50.00 plus shipping/handling.

Measuring approx. 21x18 inches and printed on SHATTERED FOIL stock, this screen print is from an edition of only 30 pieces, and is signed and numbered by Jermaine Rogers.
- 100.00 plus shipping/handling.

Measuring approx. 24x18 inches and printed on gallery stock, this screen print is both Jermaine's tribute to his two lasting heroes, Han Solo and Chewbacca, as well as a heartfelt and earnest request to 'The Force Awakens' director, J.J. Abrams. The entire world is on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the new 'Episode 7', due to be released this December. It's as if the entire galaxy cried out in unison...in one impassioned plea. C'mon J.J.: we've been through enough...what, with Jar-Jar's and prequels. We're counting on you.

From an edition of 100 prints, this piece is signed and numbered by Jermaine Rogers.
- 50.00 plus shipping/handling.

ALEPPIN SANE: Glam' Art Print (Wine Variant) -
Measuring approx. 23x19 inches, this variant of the iconic Aleppin Sane piece is screen printed on gallery 'wine' stock. Printed with rich inks, including a metallic silver. This piece was released at Designer Con 2015, but a few were held back for this sale due to many requests.

From an edition of only 30 pieces, signed and numbered. - 60.00

Jermaine Rogers SKATE DECKS (Series 1) -
Finally, the first series of Jermaine Rogers signature skate decks are available. Featuring 5 different designs, these decks are domestic birch, sporting bright and colorful, iconic imagery. Each deck is the product of quality manufacturing and suitable for pro skating. Display the deck(s) as art, or hook them up with trucks and wheels and skate them hard.
Designs include:
- We Carry Each Other
- LOVE (Devil Boxer)
- Aleppin Sane
- The Lamia
- Frida & Vincent
Decks will ship signed by Jermaine Rogers, in plastic sleeve, bubble wrapped and boxed.
- 75.00 each plus shipping/handling

The Exchange Art Print -
Measuring 30x21 inches and printed on French soft pink gallery stock, 'The Exchange' features an intimate look at a very disturbing situation, occurring on the edge of the little forest. Everything has a price. But, what are you willing to spend? Little animals have to weigh their options very carefully, these days...because grudges can be nasty things, and no one really ever forgets.

This imagery was used for a recent FOO FIGHTERS tour print, and was a favorite of many collectors. The image is printed with rich colors, including a golden metallic. From a very limited edition of only 60 signed and numbered pieces.
- 50.00 plus shipping/handling

Nicolas Delort Aladdin Poster Release Details

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Black Dragon Press are very excited to release the limited edition print Aladdin, yet another superb offering from the amazingly talented Paris-based clayboard artist Nicolas Delort.

This is not only their first 24x36 print with Nicolas, but also the first time they have printed his artwork in the negative using white and grey/ochre inks on ultra-black paper; and BDP couldn't be happier with the result. Nicolas' intricate line work has come out incredibly crisp and luminous and really does the original etching justice.

Aladdin by Nicolas Delort goes on sale this Thursday 3 December at 4pm GMT. The prints are in hand and will ship straight away guaranteeing pre-Christmas delivery.

Aladdin (Regular)
Hand numbered edition of 120
24”x36” 3-color screenprint
280gsm Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black paper

Aladdin (Pearlsecent Variant)
Hand numbered edition of 50
24”x36” 3-color screenprint
280gsm Majestic Anthracite paper

Aladdin (Gold Variant)
Hand numbered edition of 30 (less online)
24”x36” Screenprint with Gold Metallic ink
280gsm Plike deluxe paper

Buy them at BlackDragonPress.co.uk

Kii Arens La-La Land Print Sale

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Kii Arens is have a 40% off sale through Tuesday on all posters and prints with the code CYBER on his website.

Head over to  http://lalalandprints.com/

Monday, November 30, 2015

Munk One 311 25th Anniversary Poster

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311 asked Munk One to create a special limited edition print to commemorate the band’s 25th anniversary. A quarter century of good vibes, music and unity all rolled into one insane 311 design. If you look close you can find references to their many albums melded into one awe inspiring monument of sound. A must have for fans and poster collectors.

Don’t miss out! Today is the LAST day to pick up the edition at: www.the311store.com/collections/posters

Munk One's AP’s will be sold through www.invisible-industries.com at a later date TBA.

Matt Leunig My Morning Jacket Poster New York Release

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Here is Matt Leunig's newest My Morning Jacket poster for their current tour and what a show to do. New York City baby!!!! You may be asking… “What’s with the beach for a poster in the middle of the dead of Winter?” Well, the band is playing 4-nights and each night is to represent a different Season,.. Matt was given “Summer”.

For Matt summer in NYC brings forth a lot of sweaty images… spraying fire hydrants… rainbows over skylines… but his favorite part is the beach. Matt is from Long Beach, NY and would have loved to give a nod to his hometown but Coney Island is just so much more iconic with its amusement park, sideshow atmosphere and of course the Mermaids.

The final poster is a 5-color, 18"x 24" inch screen print. The band had a print run of 208 which was available at the show. Matt will have a run 50 Signed/Numbered Artist prints for sale on Monday November 30th at 11AM PST on his website http://scrapedknee.com/

Darin Shock N.W.A. The World's Most Dangerous Group Poster Release

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Darin Shock will be releasing an N.W.A. inspired print entitled The World's Most Dangerous Group on Cyber Monday. This poster is personal passion project for Darin as he explains:
I personally credit 4 bands/groups for altering the musical direction of my life. When I was in the 5th grade, my 5-year-older sister irresponsibly introduced me to Eazy-E (and N.W.A.'s) album Eazy-Duz-It. For many reasons this album and movement became an immediate obsession that only grew as I got older. The lyrics, the lifestyle, the music, the anti-establishment nature, and the "cool" of it all was absolutely mesmerizing. I became infatuated with not only EVERYTHING N.W.A. related, I spent the next several years devoting my musical interest solely to hip hop (with an emphasis on West Coast gangsta rap). I personally consider gangsta rap to be my generation's"punk". Although N.W.A has always been a constant, over time I eventually developed interest in other music and all but lost interest in hip hop. I'm now that uncool middle aged white guy that doesn't particularly listen to new stuff but will never stop listening to the hip hop of the mid 80's to late 90's. I still say that N.W.A is a top 5 favorite group and I'll put their body of work up against anyone. They simply changed the world (and mine).
The print is a 24x12", 3 color screen print and an edition of 100. There are also 20 variants on rainbow and sparkle foil.

All will be available at 2pm EST here: http://stateofshockstudios.com/store.html

Leslie Ditto I Want To Believe X-Files Print

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I'm really excited X-Files is returning to TV next year. Leslie Ditto has teamed up with Metro Orange Art on cool looking print featuring everyone's favorite FBI agents. I Want To Believe is a limited edition of 100 on German etching paper measuring 16 x 22 inches, hand signed and numbered.

Buy it at MetroOrangeArt.com

Run The Jewels Thriller Print

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Over the past year the duo from Run The Jewels have been touring relentlessly in support of their recent album Run The Jewels 2, crushing music festivals throughout the world with performances at Bonnaroo, Glastonbury, Pitchfork, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and FYF. Top that off with marquee performance at Banksy’s Dismaland and a massive throwdown with TV On The Radio on Late Night With Stephen Colbert and Run The Jewels have been going non stop since releasing Run The Jewels 2 one year ago.

Curated by FatCap’s Anne-Laure Lemaitre #tagthejewels spreads across 6 continents and showcases a diverse group of artists who were invited to remix the group’s iconic album cover art – two opposing hands, one forming a gun, the other holding a chain. The artists were given a very simple brief and the freedom to express their own unique interpretations of Nicholas Gazin’s original artwork. Tag The Jewels is the first global installation of its kind.

Now one of the murals has been turned into a print by 1xRUN

The mural in this piece was originally created by Gamma Gallery as part of the massive #tagthejewels campaign. This extremely limited edition celebrates the 1 year anniversary of Run The Jewels 2 and is signed by Run The Jewels Killer Mike and EL-P.

Buy it at 1xRUN.com

Jeremy Geddes Foundation Print Release

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Jeremy Geddes is pleased to announce that “Foundation” will be available as a print this week.

This new print will be a timed release. This means you can purchase the print at any time during the 24 hour window and the number of prints sold in this time will determine the edition size.

The print will be released on Friday 4th December at 9am and the release will close Saturday 5th December at 9am. These times are for Melbourne, Australia.

As a guide, the start time is Thursday 3rd December 5pm in New York, Thursday 2pm in San Francisco and Thursday 10pm in London going into Friday 4th December.

Please check your times zones. Once the 24 hours is passed the release will be closed and the print will no longer be available.

Here’s the link to Jeremy Geddes store

Please note the purchase button will appear in the store when the print is available (his Friday morning and everyone else’s Thursday afternoon/evening) and be available for 24 hours.

Some details about the print: The print image is 56cm wide x 66cm high (paper size 61cm x 74cm).

The print will cost  US$166 (approx. based on today's exchange rate) or AUS$230. This price includes packing and postage.

Matthew Johnson Eighth Anniversary Tiger Print

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Matthew Johnson has released some new prints titled "Eighth Anniversary Tiger" to commemorate the eight year of Seventh.Ink.

These are 18x24 screen prints that are very limited. The standard edition is 25, and there are two variant editions as well.

"Rage" variants (red) are limited to 10
"Divine" variants (teal) are limited to only 2
All are signed/numbered.

The prints are available at www.seventhink.com.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ames Bros Jeff Ament Pearl Jam Mexico Poster Release Details

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Click to enlarge to read back of poster

Pearl Jam wrapped up their South America/ Latin America tour last night in Mexico City and just like in wrestling the poster was a team effort as Jeff Ament & Ames Bros did the poster for the show. The guys turned the members of Pearl Jam into Lucha Libre wrestlers.

Ames Bros will be selling their signed & numbered artist edition posters today at 10AM PST at AmesBrosShop.com . There will be a variant or two and NOTE no Paypal accepted.

Jeff Soto Earth Goddess Print On Wood

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"Earth Goddess" by Jeff Soto and Prints On Wood
The original painting is from Soto's recent L.A. exhibit "Nightgardens". The piece depicts the guardian of Earth and nature rising up to survey her surroundings.

This is a fine art wood print on 1/2" sustainable birch, with a natural gloss finish. Size is 12" x 16" (30.5 x 40.6cm). Print is ready to hang and is a signed and numbered timed release ending Monday, November 30th at noon PST.

$100 unframed, or $130 with white frame (shown) at PrintsonWood.com

Mark Summers Batman 66 Print From French Paper Art Club

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French Paper Art Club have released this Mark Summers art work, officially commissioned as part of their on going Batman 75 year long celebration. A gorgeous piece of art dedicated to the cult Batman TV shows of the 60s. It’s an incredible 18 color screen print.

Here’s the info :
Batman 66’ by Mark Summers
18 color screen-print
Limited Edition of 150
Size: 18 x 24'
Paper: Arches BFK Rives 250gr
DC Comics officially licensed
Certificate of Authenticity

Buy it at FrenchPaperArtClub.com

About Mark Summers :
Mark Summers has devoted the past 35 years of his career to the technique of scratchboard. His career started off primarily in the newspaper industry, with clients like the New York Times, the Chicago Times, the Wall Street Journal and many others. He has worked for every major magazine, and has contributed work for Rolling Stone, Newsweek, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated and numerous covers for Time. Mark has contributed covers for most of the major publishers in the world and has collaborated with James Michener and Issac Asimov amongst others. He has also done lavishly illustrated volumes of Poe, Dickens, "Moby Dick", "Gulliver's Travels". Mr. Summers has also designed and published 16 stamps for the United States Postal Service, as well as The Royal Mail and Canada Post. His work is best remembered for his decade long collaboration with Barnes and Noble, where he created the visual persona of their stores, doing portraits of famous authors that decorated their walls. For his work Mark has received 6 medals from the Society of Illustators in New York and last count he had received just over 350 awards at home and globally. http://marksummers.prosite.com

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Poster People

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Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, thank you to everyone that stops by every day to see all the great work so many artists create.

Put your phones down and enjoy the time with family and friends. Be careful out there and take care of each other.

Matt Leunig Black Friday Sale & Sketch Giveaway

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Matt Leunig is have a big sale this Friday and for orders over $75 he'll throw in a sketch. Head over to http://scrapedknee.com/ to get your Freak On !!

Hero Complex Gallery Sale

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The Hero Complex Gallery sale is happening now and you get 25% off everything in there store by using the code above.

Head over to http://hcgart.com/pages/store and check it out

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Brad Klausen Pearl Jam Bogota Colombia Poster

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Click to enlarge

Actual poster
Pearl Jam are almost done with their South American tour. Brad Klausen did this incredible poster for the show tonight in Bogota, Colombia.

Brad used a lot of symbolism in this one taking into account the heritage and history of Colombia. Be sure to read the back of poster to learn the real story about El Dorado, the legendary City of Gold.  There's a pearlescent layer of ink printed over the yellow, which just makes it look like the yellow is metallic.

The poster is 16" x 24", 5 Colors (the yellow is reflective metallic), signed and numbered out of 200

Artist Edition copies will be on sale tomorrow morning at 8am PST at www.artillerydesign.com
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