Friday, April 17, 2015

Guy Burwell Faith No More Portland Poster World Premiere Exclusive

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Tonight Faith No More are in Portland and local artist Guy Burwell is the man lending his special talents to this poster.

About 100 of these will be on sale at the show and signed by the band.

This poster has a regular edition 115 and a blue pearlescent variant edition of 20.

Artist Edition signed and numbered copies of the poster will be on sale April 18th at approximately 9:00 AM PDT at . Artist signed posters and variants will only be available from Secret Serpents.

Shepard Fairey Joan Jett I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll 33 1/3 Poster Release

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Shepard Fairey will have his newest poster released by Obey Giant next week and it features Joan Jett, only wish she signed it as well.

Shepard on the poster:
Joan Jett is one of the most prolific, bad-ass women in music.  I was honored when Joan asked me to recreate the cover of her 1981 album “I Love Rock ’n Roll,” for its “33 1/3 Anniversary” Deluxe edition coming out this month.  This is one of my early favorite albums and I used to BLAST it in our house as a kid. We didn’t have a great stereo, but it was pressed loud enough to blow the doors off anyway! It is a big deal for me to work with Joan and I am really pleased with how the album design turned out.   If that’s not enough, finally, time has come for Joan’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! To celebrate Joan’s induction and re-release of her classic album, I am offering a limited print run of the design which will be available Tuesday, April 21. Congrats Joan! -Shepard
The poster is an 18 x 24 inch screen print on cream speckletone paper.  Signed and numbered edition of 550. $60. Purchase limit of 1 person/household.  Photo by Mick Rock.
Available 4/21/15 at a random time between 10am and 11am PST in Prints.

Jeff Soto Against All Odds, Night Nest & more Prints

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Fans of Jeff Soto art you have 4 new rad looking prints to choose from.

Against All Odds
This is a 16″ x 20″ (40cm x 50cm) screenprint on archival paper, available in two color ways:
Blue (on off white paper) signed and numbered edition of 50, $50.
Pink (on mint paper) signed and numbered edition of 50, $75.

Night Nest is a 17″ x 22″ (43cm x 56cm) giclee on archival watercolor paper with 1" borders. Signed and numbered edition of 50. $100

Night Gardner is the next in a series of small prints based on Soto’s owl paintings.  This is an 8.5″ x 8.5″ (21cm x 21cm) giclee on archival watercolor paper with 1" borders. Signed and numbered edition of 50. $40.

Buy them all at

Frank Zio Ratatat Poster Pomona

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Frank Zio has printed his first gig poster in over 2 years and it came out great! The poster is for Ratatat and the Fox Theater in Pomona for Goldenvoice LA, and it was printed from his parents' garage in Irvine. It is the largest and most badass poster that Frank has ever printed by hand. He recently purchased all new inks and screens and they performed exceptionally. This poster is 23x35" and printed with the finest water-based inks from TW Graphics, based righ in Socal. Frank has also made the switch to environmentally friendly drain-safe ink wash and reclaim solution, so you've never seen a more eco-friendly poster from Zio.

The artwork for this poster features fully hand drawn linework including all relevant text (excluding his tagline at the bottom). The central image is a snarling leopard printed in gold referencing the album art for Ratatat's seminal "Classics" record. From the mouth of the leopard are swarming monarch butterflies, printed in luxurious black and a glowing yellow to red split fountain, propelling them into the foreground. Each adorable little butterfly has a white skull resting above its wings. Behind the "wildcat" are blackbirds bursting into flight, with their varied yellow to orange colored wing-spots on display. Yes this badboy glows under the sun and under the blacklight. A note about the gold ink: It is actually made from a synthetic polyester pigment, so it wont tarnish even though it's water-based ink.

This poster has extremely limited edition of 42, and is on sale at at for $60, shipping included.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer First Look

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Batman V Superman is one of the most anticapted movies in years and this trailer which was supposed to be shown April 20 has leaked. Yes this is the real thing and judging from the Portuguese subtitles either it came from Europe or Brazil

We see a brief flash of Affleck outside the costume before he lumbers forward, looking like the bulkiest Batman yet, before he squares off against Superman with his illuminated white eyes, grumbling in a gravelly baritone: “Tell me… do you bleed? You will.” The white eyes, by the way, come from Batman’s “detective mode” built into his cowl from both Grant Morrison’s Batman: Arkham Asylum and Frank Miller’s seminal series of graphic novels Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, which gives him not only heightened detection skills and night vision, but also white eyes.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Faith No More John Howard Seattle Poster World Premiere Exclusive

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It's not to often you see a 3-D poster for a concert but tonight Faith No More fans are getting a special one. John Howard of Monkey Ink designed this sick 3-D poster. Yes in case you are wondering each one comes with custom Faith No More paper 3D glasses. 

I asked John about the design of this eye melting beast:
I was very happy to get the opportunity to make a poster for Faith No More as they return after near 20 years, full strength and with great new material! They asked me to make a 3D poster, so I picked up on the dog imagery that's been associated with them. In this picture the dog has broken free and abandoned the city (corporations...) gone feral, and is ripping through the forest - alert, focused, and unconcerned with any other realm. To survive, don't catch his eye. -John Howard 
About 100 of these will be on sale at the show and signed by the band.

Artist Edition signed and numbered copies of the poster will be  on sale April 18th at approximately 9:00 AM PDT at  and artists signed posters will only be available from Secret Serpents.

Tim Doyle Coachella Music Festival Poster 2015 Release Details

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For the second year in a row, artist Tim Doyle was asked to produce a poster for the annual Coachella Music Festival ! He decided to follow up the Panda Bear theme from last year, making this a direct ‘sequel’ image! (You can see last year’s poster HERE)

This year’s print is 18×24 and is signed and numbered in a tiny edition of 100 worldwide. The poster debuted back last weekend at the fest, and that weekend’s copies sold out immediately- the remaining 50 copies will go on sale at the merch booth there starting on Friday the 17th.

THEN- on Monday the 20th, Nakatomi will release the tiny amount of AP copies allotted to them on the Nakatomi site at 2pm Central time.

Prints will be available HERE on Monday at the top of the Tim Doyle section of the Nakatomi store!

Bruce Yan In The Batmobile Prints

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Hero Complex Gallery has released more prints they debuted at WonderCon recently. This time it's In The Batmobile by Bruce Yan that features a great tribute to the pop culture art legend Roy Lichtenstein.

The regular edition is 36 x 24 screen print with an edition of 60. The metallic variant edition is 35.

Buy them at Hero Complex Gallery

Arsenal Handicraft Flora and Fauna Print Set

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Arsenal Handicraft have a beautiful new print set, "Flora and Fauna."  The prints feature The Moose, Black Bear, Black Backed Woodpecker, and Sandhill Crane which are all animals native to Michigan. Their silhouettes are juxtaposed over lush trees and foliage. They screen printed these creatures with a split fountain layer of two colorful inks, followed by indigo halftone dots on top.

These are sold as a set of 4 OR as individual prints. You can choose a specific animal or the set of 4 using the drop down menu.
- Hand pulled screen prints
- Hand mixed light blue, light green, and indigo inks
- French recycled white paper made locally at a hydro-powered mill
- Measures 8x10" (standard frame size)
- Limited edition of 100
- Shipped flat and unframed
- Signed and numbered by the artists
On sale now at

Laurent Durieux Shutter Island Poster Release Details

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French Paper Art Club will release next week an extraordinary screen print designed by a not less extraordinary artist: Laurent Durieux. Laurent's name is now famous all around the world, a legend that began with his marvelous works for Mondo, from the early ones (the Iron Giant, the Hammer Films collection) to the latest ones (his Hitchcock solo show last year and his Back to the Future trilogy series). In a few years, Laurent Durieux became a very big name in the pop culture inspired art, and even more. Each of his artworks are masterpieces, whereas inspired by pop culture or not. That is why Geek-Art are very happy and proud with partner French Paper Art Club to present you his latest work, based on the novel Shutter Island by Denis Lehane. This thriller that was published in 2003 inspired Martin Scorsese for his movie adaptation ten years later, and takes place in a mental hospital in 1954. This beauty, created with the help of the great artist François Schuiten, will be available the 16th of April at a random time on French Paper Art Club in a regular, variant and a special giant edition.

Regular Edition of 250
Size 24x36 inches
11 colors screen print

Variant Edition of 100
Size 24x36
11 colors screen print

Special Edition of 40
Size 27.5 x 39.3 inches
11 colors screen print with white frames

Mulholland Drive & The Three Stooges: A Plumbing We Will Go Poster by Dave Perillo Mondo Release

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On Thursday Mondo are releasing two awesome posters from Sam Bosma & Dave Perillo. Not only is this their first time working with Sam, Mondo are excited to debut two new licenses: Mulholland Drive & The Three Stooges.
"Like most of David Lynch's work, the tone of Mulholland Drive shifts smoothly from bizarre to nightmarish and back. The Los Angeles of Mulholland Drive is a dream, sometimes figuratively and sometimes literally. I felt like my best option was to use the chaos of the car crash and Rita's subsequent descent into Los Angeles to allude to the strange darkness that was to come." - Sam Bosma
Mulholland Drive by Sam Bosma. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 275.

Dave Perillo on his The Three Stooges poster:
"I have fond memories of watching the Three Stooges with my dad Sunday mornings on the local UHF channel, 'A Plumbing We Will Go' being one of my favorites. I really wanted to do something that played off the scene with Curly trapping himself in a framework of pipes and also choose a color palette that had the feel of the old black and white shorts without using just standard black, grays and whites."
- Dave Perillo
The Three Stooges: A Plumbing We Will Go by Dave Perillo. 12"x36" screen print. Hand numbered edition of 125.

Both posters go on sale Thursday at a random time over at

Faith No More Vancouver Poster by Mick Gray & Sinclair Klugarsh World Premiere

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Faith No More kicked off their North American tour in Vancouver Wednesday night and the artists for the poster are Mick Gray ( who works for DC Comics) & Sinclair Klugarsh

The poster at the show is signed by the band and only around 100 were for sale.

On Thursday April 16 Secret Serpents will have the  regular edition signed & numbered by the artists (115) and a pink variant (20) posters measure 18 x 24 inches

On sale date: April 16th at approximately 9:00 AM PDT at variant edition and artists signed posters will only be available from Secret Serpents.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Anthony Petrie Rambo: First Blood Part II Poster Release Details

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Anthony Petrie has started this year off strong with his Jaws Chum Chart poster and now he just finished up a poster for Grey Matter Art featuring "Rambo: First Blood Part II". Watch out folks this might be a big breakout year for Anthony as he keeps killin' it. This is the next poster in GMA's officially licensed Rambo series. They are very pleased with the way this one came out, and think it compliments the other quite nicely. Here are the details for Anthony Petrie's "Rambo: First Blood Part II".

Grey Matter Art under license from StudioCanal, is pleased to announce the next poster in our officially licensed Rambo series. A limited edition screen print for the iconic 80's film, "Rambo: First Blood Part II", by the very talented artist, Anthony Petrie. Below are details for the release:

Artist: Anthony Petrie
Size: 36X24
Regular Edition: 200/$45.00
Variant Edition: 125/$55.00

This poster will be released on Tuesday, April 21st on the Grey Matter Art website shop page at 1:00PM EST.

Follow GMA on Twitter to get a jump on the drop.

Meggs Reclaimed Youth Print Release Details

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Australian artist Meggs has great new print being released from 1xRUN on Wednesday titled Reclaimed Youth.

"Reclaimed Youth was one of the original artworks for my ‘Spoiled Rotten’ solo show in September last year at Inner State Gallery. The show explored ideas of loss, consumerism, decay, and regeneration.

It is part of an ongoing series of pieces that explore duality in the format of a split face or character. Images in the series depict two sides, such as good vs. evil, wealth vs. poverty, hero vs. villain, etc. This piece in particular depicts idealism vs. reality." - Meggs

On Sale at NOON EDT Wednesday at

Tim Doyle Eric Church Florida VIP Posters On Sale

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Tim Doyle was commissioned yet again to do new posters for the exclusive Eric Church VIP program, and now artist copies of these prints are available to purchase!

Above is pictured the print for the 3/26 Tallahassee show! Print measures 18×24, and is signed and numbered in an edition of 80.

Above is the print for the 3/27 Jacksonville show! Print is 18×24 and is signed and numbered in an edition of 110.

And finally, the print for the 3/28 Tampa show- also measures 18×24, and signed and numbered in an edition of 190.

Nakatomi only has about 20 copies of each available for sale- grab them HERE in the Nakatomi store!

Kii Arens 2fer Poster Sale

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 Kii Arens and his staff at LaLa Landprints need your help. They need help with some spring cleaning. They are having a sale right now where you buy one poster and get one free. He also has his new poster for St Paul and the Broken Bones for sale now.

Get shopping and cleaning over at

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tim Oliveira Times Square Art Print World Premiere Exclusive

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Tim Oliveira has a new piece of work going on sale this week. It is a five color halftone screenprint for the "When the Lights Go Out 3" show, at Bottleneck Gallery, opening reception is this Friday, April 17th, 7-9 PM, 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249. They will be sold only at the show on 4/17, and then (if still available) the next day online 4/18/15 in the gallery's store ( Tim will not have any for sale so this is your only chance to get this print.

Description: Edition size: 20. Hand pulled silkscreen prints, 5 screens used with one screen glow in the dark ink. Paper size is 22 1/2 x 30", with 2 deckled edges, 100% Cotton Rag, 250 gsm archival Legion paper. Signed and numbered in pencil with date stamp on reverse. 

Say hello to Tim on Twitter/instagram @TimOliveiraArt, #timoliveira

Rene Gagnon Green Monsta Print

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To celebrate Red Sox Opening Day 2015 Rene Gagnon created the 'Green Monsta' print.

At an edition of only 15 these 3 color, hand embellished prints will certainly not last long. 3 color hand pulled screen print with spray paint and synthetic polymer embellishment.
Paper: 30 inch high X 22 inch wide 300gsm paper. (2 deckled edges)


Jay Ryan Home Is Where The House Is Print

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 On April Fool's Day, Jay Ryan flew to Virgina Tech, in Blacksburg, VA, and worked all day with print students, and they made an edition of these prints. The problem was that they expected 20 to 30 students to work with Jay during the day, and 90 came out and stayed. Not everyone got a print at the end of the day, and Jay didn't get to bring one home, so they decided to do a second edition (pictured above), which are available now. These are relatively true to the color of the first edition, but printed at a larger scale - 18 x 24 inches, as opposed to the smaller first edition (12.5 x 19 inches).

Buy it at

Danny Excess Royal Blood 2015 Tour Poster

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Royal Blood are an English rock duo formed in Brighton in 2013. The band's sound is reminiscent of and rooted in modern blues rock, hard rock and garage rock. They sound really good, in an era of pop bubble gum music these guys rock out. Give them a listen in the video below

Danny Excess did the poster for their California shows. It's 5 color screen print,  12x36", edition of 250.  He has less than 40 available on his site