Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ian Williams Pixies Boston Calling Music Festival Poster

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The Pixies are on tour once again and they are playing the Boston Calling Music Festival today and Ian Williams did the poster.

I asked him about the design:

I've been so lucky to be able to make a couple of posters for one of my favorite bands, The Pixies. Especially this one for a hometown show. I like to bring in an element of the city into the posters that I make and for this one I focused on the George Washington statue in the Boston Public Garden. I think it's such a cool statue the way that it's composed with the horse trotting above the viewer. I've been wanting to merge aspects of my painting with the boldness of poster graphics and so I created the tear which exposes this painting underneath it. The merge of the two different approaches for me simulates the band's music which encompasses many different styles molded into a cohesive sound. It was a ton of fun to make this and hope the fans enjoy it.

Poster will be on sale at the show and artist edition later on. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Printed Matters Shepard Fairey Show Preview Pictures

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Prints on Metal

Prints on Metal shot in Monochrome to show detail

Large Scale HPM's

Small HPM's

Library Street Collective will play host to the opening of Printed Matters, a solo exhibition featuring the work of Shepard Fairey Friday night in Detroit.  There will be serigraphs on paper, editions on wood, editions on metal, and fine art collage. Large scale Hand Painted Multiples (HPM's) as well as small ones are included in the show. The large ones are 3'x3' and look incredible in person. My apologizes for the quality of some of the pictures, my Speedlite decided to stop working on me. Enjoy the preview pictures.

Matt Eaton and Anthony Curtis of LSC really have put a lot of work into this show and Obey Giant fans will really enjoy it. 

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 22nd, 2015 from 6PM — 10PM EDT

Library Street Collective 1260 Library Street, Detroit, Michigan and will be on view from May 22nd –August 15th, 2015

Shepard Fairey Peace and Justice Lotus Mural Wrap Up & Wheat Paste Poster Pictures

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Look on the left, a fellow graffiti artist who shale remain nameless

Peace and Justice Lotus mural by Shepard Fairey & the Obey Giant crew is now done and official the largest mural he has done. The mural was completed one day before the opening of the Printed Matters show at Library Street Collective in Detroit on Friday.

It also seems they did not stop working as wheat paste poster murals and the Obey Giant Icon began to be discovered around the city. It was great seeing a lot of the old school images out in the wild. The water Icon is a massive 15 feet high.

Craig Drake Solo Show at Hero Complex Gallery

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Hope you folks in Los Angeles are already in line at Hero Complex Gallery  for this show.

Opening Reception, This Friday, May 22nd 7-10pm

Craig Drake in Person!
Craig's most impressive work EVER!
All the properties you want and more!
Free Custom Chocolate Bars for the first 40 customers!
Signing Opportunities!
Very Few Reveals!
Crazy variants!
More 1/1's!
Hero Complex Gallery
2020 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90034

Pose Library Street Collective Public Matter Mural for The Belt

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About 10 days ago, Pose was in Tahiti working with Dabs Myla on killer wall for ONO'U Tahiti for their first international graffiti event. From there he came to Detroit to work on a smaller scale mural for Library Street Collective and their Public Matter art opening of The Belt. "Public Matter”, the fully accessible outdoor exhibition platform located between the Z parking garage and within the Belt, a newly redeveloped alley connecting Grand River and Gratiot Avenue between Broadway and Library Street in downtown Detroit. The Belt, named for its orientation in a former downtown garment district, also features permanent murals by more than a dozen local, national and international artists.

Ricky Powell Run DMC Paris 1987 Prints

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Ricky Powell has a couple of new prints that were just released by 1xRUN that feature Run DMC in Paris back in 1987.

You can select the special Aluminum Edition or Photo Slide inspired Fine Art Paper Edition of the latest limited editions from photographer Ricky Powell and read more about this iconic photo...

New York photographer Ricky Powell returns with this iconic photo of Run DMC taken in Paris during the Together Forever tour in May of 1987.

"We were in Paris and we had a day off. So I ended up with Run DMC and we were just walking around like tourists. I said 'Yo jump up over here.' I would always say that to them, and they would kinda laugh at me like 'Oh, here goes Ricky again. Here he goes with his visions…' So I just directed them where to go stand because I would always say 'You’re going to thank me one day.' So they humored me and then they got into it. They were getting into the poses and having some fun. I was actually crunching on a crusty croissant while I was snapping these flicks. I would hold the croissant with one hand and snap the flicks with my other. I shot it with a regular little camera, but I always shot with slide film, so it always looked very professional. Run DMC used it on their greatest hits album as well. I was very fortunate. It is one of my most prized photographs in my “30 Years Of Pro Photos On The Hang Out Tip."- Ricky Powell

On sale now at

Chris Skinner Quatermass and The Pit Poster Release

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Under the Floorboards have released a new poster by Chris Skinner for Quatermass & The Pit.

Here's a few words from Chris: 'Quatermass & The Pit is a British classic, I remember watching it on T.V. as a kid (not when it first came out, I’m not that old) and being pretty scared, it was great revisiting the film as an adult. For me the film still holds up very well today despite some ropey special effects, without trying to give anything away I love the way the film blends genres and has an X-Files/Fringe feel to it. For the artwork we decided to keep the concept relatively simple with an old quad feel, we focus on a few of the characters and some elements from the film to generate some intrigue and hopefully people might check out this cult classic'.

The poster is a 4 color screen print measuring 24 x 18 signed & numbered, edition of 100. Printed by Lady Lazarus

Buy it at

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shepard Fairey Printed Matters & Peace and Justice Lotus Mural in Detroit Update

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Working on the panels
John Varvatos on point as always
Shepard Fairey and the Obey Giant crew have been fighting rain, hot humid weather one day and cold weather the next day in order to complete the largest ever mural they have done. Peace and Justice Lotus mural is a staggering 180 feet tall and they are going to finish it on Thursday, the pictures above are from Tuesday.

The massive wheat paste panels of art have been installed behind Library Street Collective in the area called The Belt. Some measure 12 x 8 feet and others 8x8. Fashion designer  John Varvatos even stopped by to check out the art. Unfortunately
Iggy Pop was not with him.

Library Street Collective Presents
Printed Matters & Public Matter
Works By Shepard Fairey

May 22nd — August 15th, 2015
Opening Reception:
Friday, May 22nd, 2015 from 6PM — 10PM EDT