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Soundgarden Ames Bros Mansfield Poster Artist Edition On Sale Info

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In case you were wondering those are ants
Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails were in Mansfield last night and Ames Bros did the poster for Soundgarden. It is 16.5" x 26" inch 3 color screen printed poster. The artist edition from Ames will have an edition of 100 signed and numbered.

On sale Wednesday at at 1 pm EDT

Print Club London Film Poster Exhibition at Somerset House

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Summer Screen Prints Film Poster Exhibition
31 July – 25 August 2014
Open daily 10.00 – 18.00
Additionally from 18.30 for Film4 Summer Screen ticket holders
Free admission
West Wing Galleries, Somerset House

Back for a second year, Print Club London and Somerset House will be curating a series of screen printed film posters for the 10th anniversary season of Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House. A series of contemporary, limited edition screen prints, inspired by the films shown in the season, will be exhibited in the West Wing Galleries at Somerset House, running from 31 July – 25 August. Open daily as well as during each evening’s film event, this will be a unique opportunity to discover some of the UK’s brightest artistic talent and purchase a screen print.

Each exhibiting artist will reimagine a poster for one of the films in this season’s lineup,
taking particular scenes, quotes or characters from their selected title as inspiration. The 16 artists on display include Rose Blake, Concepción Studios, Cassandra Yap, Hattie Stewart, Kate Moross, Steve Wilson, Kate Gibb and HelloVon.

Each poster will be limited edition and exclusively available to buy for £45 at
Somerset House as well as online at Print Club London and Somerset House.
To celebrate Film4 Summer Screen’s 10th anniversary the public was given the
opportunity to vote for their favorite film from a selection of the last 10 years. ET
was chosen as the winner and celebrated artist Rose Blake was asked to illustrate
this classic for the anniversary poster.

Blake says:
“I was given the film that was chosen in the public vote, and was so happy when I
found out that E.T had been picked. I re-watched the film, and decided to focus on
the scene where E.T leaves to go home. I suppose in my print you are watching the
scene from the viewpoint of Elliot’s mother in the film. My print is about saying
goodbye to people - I felt the phrase ‘I’ll be right here’ was a really poignant way of
doing so.”

Further Contributing Artists and Film Posters
Claudia Borfiga – Sense and Sensibility
Lucille Clerc – The Great Beauty
Concepción Studios – The Royal Tenenbaums
Kate Gibb – Annie Hall
HelloVon – Big Trouble in Little China
MOL – The 400 Blows
Kate Moross – Hairspray
Mat Pringle – Rosemary’s Baby
Rose Stallard – Mad Max 2
Hattie Stewart – Spring Breakers
Holly Wales – Two Days, One Night
Casper Williamson – Ghostbusters
Joe Wilson – A Fistful of Dollars
Steve Wilson – What We Do in the Shadows
Cassandra Yap – Gentlemen prefer Blondes

Film4 Summer Screen
Celebrating 10 years of cinema under the stars, Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House is back for a bumper birthday season from 7 – 20 August. For 14 nights, classic, cult, contemporary and never-seen-before films will feature on London’s largest screen with full surround sound in the spectacular neoclassical setting of Somerset House. As the sun sets, live DJs will spin a soundtrack inspired by the upcoming film and cinema-goers can chill out in the courtyard with picnics and drinks. Selected screenings will also be specially introduced by the film’s stars and directors. With an array of anniversary events in addition, Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House is one of the UK’s favorite summer cinema experiences.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Todd Slater 311 Austin City Limits Poster

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Tonight 311 are in Austin at the Austin City Limits in the Moody Theater and home town artist Todd Slater did the poster for the show. The gleaming metallic ink boom box poster has an edition of 113 signed and numbered with 11 signed by the band for sale to those lucky fans that get one from the merchandise stand tonight. Be sure to get on Todd Slater's mailing list because that is the only way he will announce when they are on sale.

Cannibal The Musical Poster by Cody Schibi & a Jon Smith Print from Nakatomi

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Nakatomi has a couple of new things for sale.

Produced for the NORTH DOOR’s screening of Cannibal the Musical in Austin, this 18×24 hand-printed silkscreen poster is signed and numbered by the artist, Cody Schibi in an edition of 100!

From the artist-
“The sky is blue & all the leaves are green…”
Some of you may recognize those lyrics right off the bat-
Those instantly catchy words are from South Park Creator, Trey Parker’s first film & debut into the entertainment world: CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL.

This hilarious film tells the VERY REAL tale of Alfred Packer (played by Trey Parker) who was convicted of murdering & eating his traveling companions. He defends himself & states the “true” side of the story as he waits for death by hanging. The movie was picked up by TROMA ENTERTAINMENT(the same maniacs that brought you the Toxic Avenger) & fast forward to present day, the bad asses at Austin’s The North Door & Trailer Space Records are coming together to present ‘TROMA Night’ each month, kicking it off with this flesh-eating gem! The curators contacted local screen print guru Nakatomi Inc. to create limited edition posters for the event & I was lucky enough to design the screen print for them.”- Cody Schibi

Pick up the print HERE

And check out Cody Schibi’s killer art on his site HERE.

Next up is a print of Jon Smith's Nick Cave Poster titled Blackened Hand. This 12×16 fine-art Giclee print is produced in-house at the Nakatomi Print labs on watercolor paper and with archival UltraChrome inks! Signed and numbered by Jon in an edition of 100.

Both prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment along with Jon's Nick Cave poster

Pick them up NOW in the JON SMITH section of the Nakatomi Store HERE.

The Goonies James Flames Poster Artist Proof On Sale Details

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Here is James Flames officially licensed poster for The Goonies. These were originally released through Mondo, and sold out in a little over a minute - but James will have his signed and numbered Artist's Proofs available Tuesday. There's the regular 'full color' edition as well as the variant 'metallic' edition.

These will go on sale Tuesday, at 2pm EDT. Obviously there are not very many of these, so once they're gone, they're gone.

 Regular Edition
24" x 36" 6-Color Screenprint
Artist's Proof Edition of 45
Signed & Numbered

Metallic Variant Edition
24" x 36" 4-Color Screenprint
Artist's Proof Edition of 25
Signed & Numbered

Buy them at

John Baizley Taste The Sin Print Release Details

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On Tuesday July 29th, at a random time, Burlesque Design will be releasing a brand new multicolor print based on John Baizley's album artwork for sludge metal band Black Tusk's 2010 album "Taste The Sin." The artwork began as a 10 x 13.5" watercolor painting, then a high resolution scan was broken down by Wes Winship into 16 separate screenprinted color layers. The result is a stunning, high quality collectible art print, committed to paper by Ben LaFond. This is Ben's first print project since returning to the Burlesque studio after being out on the injured list and he hasn't missed a beat.

You have 3 different choices regarding the print

One standard edition "Taste The Sin" print
24 x 34", 16 color screenprint on Crane Lettra 110# 100% cotton Fluorescent white paper
signed, numbered, and hand-embossed edition of 161 prints.
$147 + shipping

One standard edition "Taste The Sin" print
24 x 34", 16 color screenprint on Crane Lettra 110# 100% cotton Fluorescent white paper
signed, numbered, and hand-embossed edition of 161 prints.
One limited edition "Taste The Blue" variant print
24 x 34", 13 color screenprint on Crane Lettra 110# 100% cotton Ecru White paper
signed, numbered, and hand-embossed edition of 19 prints.
$297 + shipping

One standard edition "Taste The Sin" print
24 x 34", 16 color screenprint on Crane Lettra 110# 100% cotton Fluorescent white paper
signed, numbered, and hand-embossed edition of 161 prints.
One limited edition "Taste The Blue" variant print
24 x 34", 13 color screenprint on Crane Lettra 110# 100% cotton Ecru White paper
signed, numbered, and hand-embossed edition of 19 prints.
One hand-painted, one-of-a-kind Apple Skull print.
Artwork originally created as a companion piece to Black Tusk's "Taste The Sin" album.
8.5 x 11", Hand-painted watercolors + a one-color screenprint on watercolor paper
Only ten of these one-of-a-kind paintings were created
signed and embossed by John Baizley
$667 + shipping

John Vogl Galactic, Indigo Girls and more posters

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John Vogl just dropped 5 new posters and they look great. The Underground Music Showcase poster is killer and the Midwest Beard Wearers Championship is pretty damn funny.

Buy them in The Bungaloo Store

Ernesto Yerena Coloniam Deductam Prints

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Ernesto Yerena has released a couple of new prints titled Coloniam Deductam that come in a red and a white colorway. Each print is 18 x 24 screenprinted with an edition of 150

Details from Ernesto:
I will be participating in a amazing group show titled "The Provocateurs" curated by Shepard Fairey and Art Alliance. The idea behind the show is showcase provoking art by provocative artists.

I decided to make a image on a issue that is never really discussed in mainstream media or in general outside of conscious circles. The issue or theme being COLONIZATION. Its never spoken of perhaps because it makes the dominant structure of this country a bit uncomfortable to discuss. Its easier to sweep it under the rug and call anyone who brings up the connection and legacy of colonization to the present status of people of color in this country. Its easier to say that people do not work hard enough, people are lazy, people are violent, people are uneducated, etc. etc. It is much easier to write those stories and discussions off than to step back and look at the truth. People in positions of power have a deep possessive personality when it comes to ever questioning the manner in how they where able to have certain privileges. Most privileged people want to believe that they worked hard to get what they have. American Nobility disguised in sincere "hard work" is a nice way to avoid owning up to the fact that this country was built by slavery on stolen land. No hate here, all love. I have a deep love for the truth and I believe that everyone should try and face the truth about this country's inception in a critical manner and go even further back to the colonization of Europe to see how the original cultures and languages were affected by colonization. I hope you all enjoy this piece. I hope for positive and thought provoking discussions on this matter in the future! Decolonize!

Buy them at

Max Kauffman Tent Maneuvers & Mid Segue Prints

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Max Kauffman has a released a couple of nice looking new prints.

'Tent Maneuvers'
8.5x11 inches Archival ink on hahnemuhle paper Edition of 15
Max on the design:
So 'Tent Manuevers' is an image of a crushed spray can.   I started making these earlier this year.   Its a nice meta extension of ideas in my work including artifacts of cultures lost or from another time.  Finding the cans in the right condition is tough too, so the artifact/anthropology thoughts of wondering where to find it came into play too- where does a 15-16 yr old tag(that young since they don't know better to dispose of the evidence), and where is a location that's remote enough that they'll sit undisturbed long enough to rust out.   

'Mid Segue'
8.5x11 inches Archival ink on hahnemuhle paper Edition of 15
Details from Max about the print:
'Mid Segue' is a newer idea that's surfacing in my work.   Or a really old idea maybe...
Anyways that piece is almost full improvisation. There's always elements of improve in my work, but never just that.    So I laid down some color fields, distorted them some, pulled some shapes out, knocked it back, added dark's, etc.    A slow process at times, at other times incredibly fast as I'm just laying down big areas of color/texture and then coming back and fine tuning details.   Ive been obsessed with music most of my life so the idea of mid segue is its right at that point in between songs- where its a little of both and also totally its on thing, in the moment.   I guess that one ends up sort of meta too, as there's ideas of different worlds/galaxies/portals/things phasing in and out of time/space in the work, and probably coming from seeing bands that throw in teases or jams or little ideas that seem to appear out of the void and then go back to a main theme. 
Buy them at

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James Flames Ray LaMontagne Raleigh Poster On Sale

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James Flames' poster for Ray LaMontagne's show in Raleigh this past Saturday is titled "This Path I've Taken Ain't Going Nowhere", and features a man and his horse somehow existing on multiple planes (and plains) at the same time. But the staff he's holding is summoning energy that's traveling through the hills and seems to connect all the versions of himself. Basically exploring some of the more psychedelic vibes of his great new album, Supernova. And James printed these with some pretty wild fluorescent inks he just got a hold of.

Poster details
18" x 24" 5-Color Screenprint Hand Printed with Fluorescent Inks
Edition of 170 Signed & Numbered

Buy it at

Brad Klausen Nine Inch Nails & Soundgarden Posters On Sale


Brad Klausen has his Nine Inch Nails & Soundgarden posters for the recent shows in Tinley Park and Clarkston, Michigan for sale.

Both posters are 24" x 12.5", 4 Colors (one color is a gloss varnish)
signed and numbered out of 59
$45 plus shipping

These are two separate posters, one NIN themed, the other Soundgarden themed, but both are two dates, July 24th in Tinley Park, Il and July 26th in Clarkston, MI.

Buy the set at

Rob Jones Jack White Tour Poster Release Details

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Rob Jones has done 4 poster for Jack White's recent tour and is putting them on sale this week.

The posters are for the following city's Los Angeles, Tulsa, Lubbock and Pomona. These will only be sold at singles with no sets on sale.

They all go on sale Wednesday over at

Ray LaMontange & St Paul posters by Monkey Ink Design

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Drew of Monkey Ink Design has a couple of beautiful looking posters on sale and going on sale.

Ray LaMontagne @ the Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel Nashville, TN
DIMENSIONS: 18 x 24"
6 Color Screen Print with 3 split fountain gradients and 1 glow layer printed on #100 Starch White French paper.
Edition of 180

Stall the Night Print
DIMENSIONS: 18 x 24"
5 Color Screen Print with 2 split fountain gradients and 1 glow layer printed on #100 Starch White French paper.
Edition of 52

St. Paul & The Broken Bones - 2014 Tour Poster
DIMENSIONS: 18 x 24"
3 Color Screen Print on #100 Grout Gray French paper.
AP Edition of 32

St. Paul & The Broken Bones - AP Variant
DIMENSIONS: 18 x 24"
3 Color Screen Print on #100 Grout Gray French paper.
AP Edition of 67

The St Paul posters are on sale now.

The Ray LaMontagne poster goes on sale Monday at 3PM CDT at

Tristan Eaton Predator Shark Print

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PangeaSeed Sea Walls Mexico Expedition 2014 is wrapping up and 1xRUN will be releasing their final print Monday afternoon. The print named Predator was done by Tristan Eaton.

Predator is a 36 x 14 Inches 9-Color Screen Printed on 290gsm Coventry Rag Paper with a signed and numbered edition of 75.

If you are fan of Tristan's work you will know he has been down in Mexico working on a massive mural similar to this print. Check out the pics and details on his Instagram

On sale Monday at 3pm EDT at

Kii Arens Beck Detroit Poster

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Kii Arens has another new eye melting poster for Beck and this one is from his show in Detroit recently. The poster is 17.5" x 24" Fluorescent Lithograph and is a Signed/Numbered series of 50.

Buy it at

Rob Loukotka ACME Dynamite, Magnet and more prints

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Rob Loukotka opened up the ACME inventory once again and drew some ACME Dynamite, ACME Magnet, ACME Jet-Propelled Unicycle prints. H also did a secret mystery 7th print (and ACME item) that is free for folks grabbing the whole series of 6 prints, or any 3 framed prints.

Rob now offers wood picture frames (with real glass) for his 8x8" prints. They feature a laser engraved gallery plaque with your print's title as well. Pretty neat. They are available on the same page.

"In addition to the Anvil, Hi-Speed Tonic, Tornado Kit, Dynamite, Magnet, and Jet-Propelled Unicycle... I have drawn a 7th ACME Inventory print that is a mystery. This will placed for free into any order of 6 prints, or any order of 3 framed prints. Limited to just 50 copies, signed & numbered. (If you already bought the original 3 ACME Inventory prints, AND buy the new 3, email him and he will mail you your free Mystery ACME Print.)"

Dynamite, Magnet, Jet-Propelled Unicycle Screen Prints
Limited Edition: 100 each
Size: 8 x 8"
Paper: 100C French Paper
Colors: 2 ink colors
Signed & Numbered: Rob Loukotka
$25 each for 2 or more ($30 alone)

Picture Frames: $40 (Frame + $25 print = $65 total. Art will arrive framed and ready to gift!)  $180 for any 3 prints with frames, you save $45!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nine Inch Nails & Soundgarden Toronto Tour Poster by Miles Tsang World Premiere Exclusive

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When this Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden tour was announced I never thought there would be so many incredible posters created for it. It is my pleasure to show you exclusively Miles Tsang's tour poster.

Miles poster is for tonight's NIN and Soundgarden show at the Molson Canadian Amphitheater. The poster also includes three more dates with opener Oneohtrix Point Never (July 29th at Mansfield, July 30th at Camden, and August 1st at Wantagh) and is based on Caravaggio's Narcissus mashed up with various facets of Miles' favorite science fiction films. The artistic choice to go with a compositional pastiche was predominantly inspired by the opening lines of the song Copy of A originating from NIN's newest record Hesitation Marks  which comments on the ephemeral, recycled nature of contemporary art and culture amongst other things:

"I am just a copy of a copy of a copy
Everything I say has come before
Assembled into something into something into something
I am never certain anymore
I am just a shadow of a shadow of a shadow
Always trying to catch up with myself
I am just an echo of an echo of an echo
Listening to someone's cry for help"

The print is 23.5" x 17.75", it features a glow in the dark layer, a subtle metallic under base, and is of an edition of 400. There will be 75 allocated for sale at each of the shows listed, although the only place to get one online will be through Miles Tsang after August 2nd.