Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rob Loukotka The Desk of Q James Bond Gadget Print

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Continuing his Famous Desks print series Rob Loukotka watched every James Bond film and worked over 100 hours on drawing this print to include 90 of 007's gadgets. You can see his design process on his website HERE.

Here are the details on the prints

The Desk of Q
12 x 36" 3 Color Screen Print
Edition Size: 490
Cost: $45
Signed and Numbered by Rob Loukotka

The Desk of Q Metallic Gold Variant
12 x 36" 3 Color Screen Print + Metallic Gold Overlay
Edition Size: 190
Cost: $65
Signed and Numbered by Rob Loukotka

Buy them at

Nick Derington Boss Fight Ode to Id Video Game Posters

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So many of us grew up (or got older without "growing" up ha) playing the first video games from ID. Wolfenstein, DOOM & Quake were the very first FPS and I'm sure caused nightmares for younger players. I cant tell you how many times I jumped out of my chair playing DOOM or Quake, the games today just dont have the same level terror these games did.

After his first successful Kickstarter program Nick Derington has a new one and it brings all the crazy Boss' into your world and on to your walls.

Here they are
Castewolfenstein 3-D - The Mech
DOOM - The Mind
Quake - The Monster

With this Kickstarter you have your choice of the prints in sets or individual prints

All three images printed onto one 9"x12" Giclee art print. Signed & Numbered by the artist.

12"x24" screen print posters.

12"x24" screen print posters. Each poster is printed with 5 custom mixed ink colors and an additional Glow in the Dark ink layer! Signed & numbered by the artist.

GIGANTIC Glow in the Dark 18"x36" screen print poster set. Each poster is printed with 5 custom mixed inks along with additional glow ink layer! Signed & Numbered by the artist. Limited to only 200 sets!

Want to know who one of the backers of the project is, It's John Carmack he loves them.

So head over to the Kickstarter page right HERE

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ryan Mowry Chelsea Wolfe & Wovenhand Denver Poster

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Ryan Mowry has a cool looking new poster for Chelsea Wolfe & Wovenhand. It was done for her show in Denver over the weekend. The posters are 2 color, 18x24, and an edition of 90 (a lot less available online).

On sale now in Ryan's etsy store

Monday, August 31, 2015

Gabz Iron Man Movie Poster Grey Matter Art Release Details

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Grey Matter Art, under license from Marvel Studios is proud to present a New Officially Licensed, Limited Edition Screen Print for the Classic Super-Hero Action Film, "Iron Man." This is the second poster Grey Matter Art has produced for “Iron Man” and has chosen to work with the very talented artist, Grzegorz Domaradzki (Gabz). There are 3 separate editions for this poster, a Regular & Variant Edition, as well as a Gold Foil Edition. The subtle use of gold foil is used very selectively and really lends itself well to this poster. Below are details regarding the poster and release date.

Artist: Gabz
Size: 24x36
Regular Edition: 225/$50.00
Variant Edition: 175/$70.00
Gold Foil Variant Edition: 125/$100.00

This poster will be released on Wednesday, September 2nd on the GMA website shop page at a random time between 1:00-2:00 PM est. at

What Gabz had to say about the project:
“When growing up I was a huge comic book fan, reading everything comics related I could get my hands on (which, in Eastern Europe wasn't as easy as one might think). I used to copy my favourite artists and draw my own stories. Back in the day working for comic giant such as Marvel seemed like an impossible dream, so as soon as I heard the GMA guys are getting the license for Marvel films, I had a number of titles I wanted to tackle. I was thrilled and excited to work on Jon Favreau’s: Iron Man, by far my favourite and best Marvel film (next to The Guardians of the Galaxy). I enjoy it greatly every time I see it. I wanted the composition to reflect the conflict between good and evil by dividing the canvas into two parts. Since I was always drawn towards villains in those type of movies I decided to build the composition around Obadiah’s sinister headshot (one cannot really dislike The Dude). It wouldn't be a complete Iron Man poster without Tony Stark, Pepper Potts and Iron Man's classic pose. I hope the fans of the movie will appreciate it. I know for sure I had a blast doing it and I’m very happy with cleverly used foil this time around."

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Zeb Love Collective Quarterly Magazine Prints

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Zeb Love traveled to Vermont last October with The Collective Quarterly Magazine. He created these 3 art prints based on the experience. Zeb finished them back in January, but they now finally have them on their website :

Each print is 18x24" with a signed & numbered edition of 40 and cost $50 each.

Winner of the Jeff Boyes L.A. Massacre Poster

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The Random Number Generator did a couple of  Backside Heelflips and decided the winner of the Jeff Boyes Thrashin' poster winner is Nathan with comment #7. Nathan email me your address and I will be shipping the poster to you.

Thank you to Jeff Boyes for providing the poster. Be sure to head over to his website to see his work and pick up his newest prints from his solo show "Both Sides".

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Anonymous Ink & Idea Lily & Skull And Eye Prints

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Rich who is Anonymous Ink & Idea, has been re-acquainting himself with a hand-drawn process that he'd been neglecting for the better part of a decade.He says it's been a wholly gratifying process on a personal level and seems to resonate with his fans as well.

These first set of prints are the result of some early studies he did this summer.

Lilly & Skull
- available in a four color 14x18" ($20) and single color 8x10" ($10)
- both are screen-printed on French Speckletone Kraft cardstock
- individually signed, numbered and blind embossed

Eye 01 & 02 (set)
- a set of two 5x5.5" three color screen-prints ($10)
- printed on French Speckletone Kraft cardstock
- individually signed, numbered

Rich will also be selling the original ink for these pieces, which is the first time he has done that.

All available in my store at

Carlos Ezquerra Dredd Print Release

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As a long time fan of Judge Dredd it's so cool seeing prints made of the Mega-City One world. Vice Press under license from Rebellion are extremely proud to announce the next in their on-going 2000 AD screen-printed series of art; featuring Mega City Lawman, Judge Dredd!

For this release they are honored to have worked with legendary Judge Dredd co-creator, Carlos Ezquerra on his first ever screen print release.

Vice Press have long been fans of Carlos’s creations and artwork and it has been an absolute privilege to release this newly commissioned piece.

Artist: Carlos Ezquerra
Title: “Dredd”
Size: 18 inches x 24 inches
Regular: Edition of 150, £35, 8 colors, 100# Cougar White
Variant: Edition of 50, £40, 1 color Keyline Art, 110# Cranes Lettra Flo White
Printer: Lady Lazarus
Both editions come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

“Dredd” by Carlos Ezquerra will be available on Thursday the 10th of September at 6pm BST (1pm EDT) at

Vice Press had this to say about the project, “When John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra created Judge Dredd, they created a character whose costume and look embodied everything that he stood for.

An iconic character easily recognizable from silhouette alone. Carlos Ezquerra is simply one of the greatest comic book artists in history and we grew up loving the characters that he created and drew. To work with Carlos Ezquerra was a dream come true. It was an honor and privilege to work with such a legend of the industry and we are extremely pleased with this piece.”

Friday, August 28, 2015

Joshua Marc Levy Dean Ween Group Greensboro Poster World Premiere Exclusive

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The Dean Ween Group are in Greensboro, NC tonight and Joshua Marc Levy has once again created a mind bending poster for the concert.

As Joshua said "It's a great honor to design & produce this print, for one of my all-time favorite bands."

Here are the details on the poster and variants
A. Show Edition of 60 signed and numbered, 19x25", 140lb French brand paper, with Metallic Silver.
B. Edition of 3 test prints where black layer is upside down.
C. Edition of 5, black layer only "large coloring sheets".

The black layer was drawn to size with a uniball pen on paper by Joshua, over the course of 4 days with “my own bare hands”. No pencils were used, Levy just went for it in ink. Very minor retouching in the computer, where it was colored.

Show Edition available at the show. Any remaining prints will go up the following Monday August 31, along with 2 test prints and the coloring sheets over

L.A. Massacre Thrashin' Jeff Boyes Free Friday Poster Giveaway

Jeff Boyes did this poster based on the 80's skateboard movie Thrashin' for a 3 man gallery show he had back in 2012. When people say the digital JPEG image does not do it justice in this case it's the truth, the reds and metallic silver inks in this poster just pop of the paper. Sorry but yes I was too lazy to take a picture of the actual poster, it really does look killer in person.

The poster measures 18x24 inches and it is 5 Color Screen Print with a blend and metallic inks. It has a signed & numbered edition of only 60 and it is long been sold out.

Now go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments or scroll down (depends on how you see this post) to leave a comment about skateboarding (favorite skateboarder, deck, trick etc) for a chance to win this poster. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM PDT Saturday August 29 and the winner will be announced on Sunday.

Jeff has his Artist Proof posters for sale from his recent gallery show 'Both Sides" go check them out along with his other work at

Tim Doyle x Joshua Budich Mad Max George Miller Poster For El Rey

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EL REY Network, whose offices are literally on the same street as the Nakatomi Print Labs, has commissioned artists Tim Doyle and Joshua Budich to produce a print for their Director’s Chair series- this time featuring GEORGE MILLER!

From Doyle– “El Rey/Troublemaker Studios all around graphics/art guy, Kurt Volk, came to me a few months back about producing a series of prints for their upcoming Director’s Chair series. I personally was super-slammed with work, so I called on Josh Budich to handle the first couple of releases in the series. But when I saw that George Miller was next in line, I made sure I got my mitts on this one, and I was super-happy when Budich agreed to collaborate with me on the print! I drew the car and it’s passengers, and Josh KILLED that portrait of the man himself! This whole project was art directed by Robert Rodriguez, which is a weird honor to be getting notes from RR!”

Prints measure 18×24, and are in an edition of 350 worldwide! Prints are signed by Doyle, and a printed signature by Budich. Hand Numbered. Nakatomi will have a VERY LIMITED amount for sale- the bulk went to El Rey and George Miller himself!

Prints are ON SALE HERE in the Nakatomi store!

Laurent Durieux Godzilla Movie Poster Release From Dark Hall Mansion

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Dark Hall Mansion had this piece in development with Laurent Durieux for quite some time. DHM were instantly taken with his first concept for it and there was nothing further to discuss, this was the one. It had power, resonance, notably more than meets the eye, and Laurent Durieux storytelling elevating the piece to something quite serious and in line with their Seminal Film Series. For this poster, Laurent went back to the very first Godzilla movie from 1954 for the subject matter. Naturally "Gojira" was born out of a nuclear blast and that's exactly what he drew. Laurent wanted to depict a contrast of the quiet landscape of the ancestral Japan with the modern day horror at its worst.

Every edition is 24 x 36 and here is the break down on them.

"Godzilla" Standard Edition of 350 $65
"Godzilla" Variant Edition of 125 $100
"Godzilla" Select Foil Edition of 20 (based on STD artwork) $150
"Godzilla" Select Foil Edition of 20 (based on Variant artwork) $150
"Godzilla" Select Canvas Edition of 15 (based on Variant artwork) $275

On sale Friday August 28th at 9:30 AM PDT here

Ian Williams Heart Hollywood Artist Edition Poster Release

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Official HEART Hollywood Bowl Artist Edition poster by Artist Ian Williams. From the August 21st and 22nd Shows at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, CA.

7 Color Screen Print measuring 18” x 24” on White Paper stock

Signed and Numbered AP by Ian Williams and very Limited Edition of 25

Official AP Release Date Friday, August 28th, 2015 11:30 AM PDT

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze Poster Rich Kelly Artist Edition Release

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Hey pizza loving people and Testudines, Rich Kelly recently created this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II poster for Mondo. Rich is going to be selling a small allotment of them on Friday, August 28, 2015 at 2:00PM EDT. They will be $65 USD plus shipping and handling.

 One tube will be randomly selected to receive a TMNT 2 drawing.

"Villains you better run and hide
Because one day you might not slide
So choose, your weapon don't slip
Vanilla's in control with the flex of the mic grip"
-1991's poet laureate, Vanilla Ice.

Head over to when the time is right to get one, sorry pizza is not included.

New Flesh Clockwork Orange & The Shining Posters On Sale

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New Flesh have some copies of prints that were previously sold in galleries that are now available directly from New Flesh! In addition, the original ink artwork from the "Ready for a Bit of the Old Ultra-Violence" piece and a single copy of the "I am the mountain, the forest and the earth" printed on birch panel are also available.

Buy them at

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jermaine Rogers Rock and Roll Saved My Life Prints On Wood Release

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It was not with a light heart that Prints On Wood chose Jermaine Rogers' Queens of the Stone Age (Houston) rock poster "Rock and Roll Saved My Life" as their first release with him. But it was not a particularly easy choice either given the plethora of images Jermaine has in his repertoire; but POW think it was a good choice and they hope you agree. If there are any doubts, let Jermaine tell you bit more about this piece....
'Rock and roll saved my life? Why, yes...and in many ways. The music, the lyrics, the performances, the art work...and yes, the posters: they all served as little life-rafts for me through the years. I've built much of my adult life with the raw materials of rock and roll. I can't imagine 'me' without it.
Some of you are familiar with the 'flying eyeball'. It is a 'rock and roll' poster icon, used most famously on a concert poster by artist Rick Griffin for a 1968 Jimi Hendrix show in San Francisco, but used by other artists as well. Griffin was familiar with the mythology around the sacred 'Eye In The Sky', the all seeing eye that peers through human deceit & illusion. He was also familiar with southern California pinstriper Von Dutch, and his flying eyeball logo: a quirky take on the ancient icon.
The only thing that could make this print better would be another print by Jermaine! Well, guess what, Jermaine personally added a signed mini screen print with each wood print ordered. Not only incredibly talented, but equally generous and kind as well.

Limited to 50 prints, the 10" x 15" fine art wood print is priced at $100 with the option to add a custom brown Italian frame for $29. Once their gone their gone so get yours this Friday, August 28th at noon PDT at

Paul Pope Catwoman Print Release From French Paper Art Club

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French Paper Art Club are releasing a new print in their on going One Year Of Batman series. This one is done Paul Pope and features Catwoman.

5 color screen-print
Certificate of Authenticity signed by Paul Pope
Numbered Edition of 100
Approx. size: 16' x 24'
Paper: Fedrigoni Natural
Officially licensed from DC Comics

This official screenprint from is based on Paul’s famous Catwoman N.5 cover in 2002 (DC Comics) Trickle Down Theory!

PAUL POPE (b.1970) is an American cartoonist living and working in New York City. Pope has made a name for himself internationally as an artist and designer. His iconic Batman: Year 100, a science fiction take on the classic Batman origin tale, has won numerous awards, seen print in many languages, and appears frequently on many Top 10 Batman story lists. In 2010, Pope was recognized as a Master Artist by the American Council Of The Arts, and is currently sitting on the ACA advisory board. His 2010, short science fiction comic strip Strange Adventures (DC Comics)--an homage to the Flash Gordon serials of the '30s-- won the coveted National Cartoonist Society's Reuben Award for Best Comic Book of the year.

On sale Thursday at random time at French Paper Art Club Store

Brandon Holt Fingerwaves & Phoenix Prints Release

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The VACVVM debuted two new art prints by Brandon Holt at Minneapolis' Autoptic festival the other week, and they have a small number of copies left for an online release. They are also offering some rare variants for the first time.
Everything goes up tomorrow (Thursday, August 27th) at 2pm Central Time. VISIT THEVACVVM.COM!

Fingerwaves 11" x 14" Screenprint, Edition of 60
Foil Variant 11" x 14" Screenprint, Edition of 20

Phoenix 11" x 14" Screenprint, Edition of 80
Metallic Gold Variant 11" x 14" Screenprint, Edition of 20

Everything goes up Thursday, August 27th at 2pm CDT. at THEVACVVM.COM

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Foo Fighters Jim Evans TAZ Chicago Wrigley Field Poster World Premiere Exclusive

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Seeing Jim Evans / TAZ doing new rock posters is for me so cool.  I know a lot of the older fans of his work are equally excited to see his new work. After all these years of being fan I really do consider it an honor to reveal his new ones exclusively and I thank you for that Jim.

This weekend Foo Fighters are playing a huge show in Chicago at Wrigley Field with Cheap Trick Saturday night. Jim Evans did one of the posters for show and you get to see it first.

I asked Jim about the design of the poster:
"This is the second in a series of Foo Fighters posters done by Jim Evans aka TAZ, and shows the Foo Fighters defending the galaxy with the sheer force of their musical attack. The line-up for the Chicago show is awesome, and features an amazing local line-up. This poster represents the latest in a string of posters that TAZ has done for the Foo Fighters since the earliest days of the band."
The regular edition of the poster is 24x36, 10-color silkscreen, on 100# Cougar paper. The artist edition will be 75 signed and numbered. Just like in the past this bad boy will glow under a black light. There will be a limited edition of 50 variants printed on foil stock. There will be a small amount available at the Chicago Pop Up, and the rest will be available at the show. Something the band wanted to do for fans. The store is at Block 37 108 N State Street and open until 8pm!

Limited Runs will have Jim's artist edtion posters on sale within the next few weeks.

Read my interview with Jim HERE

Emek Jane's Addiction Portland & Seattle Poster Release

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Emek will be releasing his Jane's Addiction poster this Thursday. The design is in honor of the 27th anniversary of their historic 1988 album "Nothing's Shocking", which they performed live, in its entirety, in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. What an awesome show from what I heard!!

Size: 18”x 24"
Artist Edition of 100 on Holo-Foil paper
Signed, Numbered, and Doodled
Price: $ 100+ shipping

Please visit Emek's Webstore at click on the NEW RELEASE image to open the sale page. The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between
12:00pm and 12:30pm PDT on Thursday Aug. 27th.