Saturday, May 23, 2009

KAWS x Sorayama Figure new details

We just caught wind of this upcoming figure collaboration between KAWS and Hajimie Sorayama. Based off the signature on the sketch, its clear this conceptual design was illustrated by Sorayama, however KAWS hinted to the project on his Dec. 2 blog post, noting the two had started working on the project a few years ago. The sculpture will be cast in metal and is a hybrid of the KAWS Companion with Sorayama’s Future Mickey Mouse (pictured above), which was also released by Medicom Toys. We can only guess this guy will be called Future Companion, continuing the ongoing progression of the character that KAWS has already developed, from the Original, through the Five Year Later versions.The figure will come in two colorways - silver/chrome and black/chrome. Matching the figure, two t-shirts will also be released, featuring the graphic that you see here above. The figure will be priced at 1400 USD and the t-shirts will go for about 112 USD. We will let you know once we have a release date.

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