Friday, May 15, 2009

New prints by Chet Zar at L’Imagerie Gallery Show this weekend


Succubus 22x17

Enlightenment 12x22

Death Playing Guitar 17x22

The Dance 22x17

For the upcoming “When Worlds Collide” show at the L’Imagerie Gallery opening tomorrow, 5 new prints by Chet will be released. There will be some older prints available at the show, but the 5 new ones will be made from the new paintings that he has in the show. They look amazing, I really dig these new works especially “Fiend”. Each one of the prints will be limited to an edition of 100 for $135 a piece. Hit the “more” for the rest of the prints.

They will also have small "Study" paintings on sale also for $400.

An amazing body of work by a great artist

Opening is tomorrow night do not miss it

L’Imagerie Gallery

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