Tuesday, November 24, 2009

4 new posters on sale from Daniel Danger

“has thou slain the jabberwock?”
12×24″ 5 color screenprint, edition of 250

"i came to know an archer"
24x24 3 color screenprint with hand painted elements, editions TBD
B&W lineart & unpainted versions will be available as well...

the royal tenenbaums @ alamo drafthouse
12x24 5 color screenprint, edition of 150 green, 50 blue.

"please dont worry, when i wake up ill be something new" 6th edition, blue
12x30 6 color screenprint, edition of 200

From DD:

tomorrow, Tuesday the 24rd, at around 1pm eastern time, im going to be putting a bunch of unsold prints up in the online store. as some of you might have noticed, i havent really put up anything new in a long time due to the sheer amount of work and projects ive been involved with, and currently have a rather comical backlog of art prints and gigposters (and printing bills ::pulls at collar nervously::) from the last 6 months or so. however, i have a pile of solid seasonal help with mailorder so were going to get all the standing mailorder out and everything new out well in time for the holidays.

plus perhaps a few other scattered things, we shall see what i pull out... in early december i will try to do another sale of the other gigposters and such; decemberists, andrew bird, mogwai, sonic youth, pinback, plus some others...

Buy them at TinyMediaEmpire.com

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