Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Malleus MEI poster and art print

From Malleus:

Finally it’s done.
We’ve printed and finished it today. It’s been a long process but at the end the result makes us feeling reeeeally good.
Check it out.

MEI 2009

This is the MEI 2009 poster. It’s really great and filled with metallic and iridescent colours.

We’ll see tomorrow how many pieces will be in the run, we’re gonna sign them and count them in the next days.
And we’ll have an AP version on brown paper without inscriptions.
It’ll be a very limited version of about 50 pieces and it’ll be on sale starting from tomorrow (or the day after, we just need to check them right) on our webstore only.
Well, we’ll count them and then we’ll have them ready.
We’ve named them “MENADE” and it means “pan priestess”.

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