Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Jason Craig Lucero Augusta Poster

Lucero is in Augusta, Georgia with the Phillip Lee Band at Sky City Tuesday and Jason Craig did the poster for the concert.

Jason talks about his creative process:
It depicts the story of the haunted pillar. Legend has it, years ago a preacher came into town and wanted to give a sermon at the local farmers market in downtown Augusta. The locals refused the preacher and as it goes, where then cursed by the man. Well, apparently a storm rolled into town and destroyed everything except for one pillar. This pillar was the last cursed piece of the market and according to legend, would bring harm to anyone who dared touch it. Recently a Pontiac Bonneville took out our unofficial historic landmark so it is no more. What better way to memorialize our fallen column than with a poster. This time it's Lucero blowing in from the west and taking the town by storm.
Designed and Hand Printed by Jason Craig
2 color screen print measuring 9x24 on French Madero Beach paper.

Available at the show and at http://jasoncraig.bigcartel.com afterwards.

Be sure to check out his Flaming Lips posters as well. 

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