Thursday, May 4, 2017

Brian Ewing The Kiss Print

Since it's the 4th and since Brian Ewing is a HUGE Star Wars dork. He is doing a pre-order for his new art print. Because it's all "pre" and stuff it will take him a few days longer to ship everything out. So he is pricing this at a rad "pre" price (aka pre-tty rad price).

Last month Brian Ewing was commissioned by his homies Travis and Jenny Lykins to design a wedding poster for them. And they gave him their blessing to rework the design to release as an art print for May 4th!

Brian doesn’t normally have more than one figure in a composition. It’s a lot more work if he does. But I think this turned out great on its own without the photo overlay. For the past few years he's been working half the size he normally does. Most of his originals are now 8.5 x 11 This saves him a ton of time and keeps him from adding a ton of detail that isn’t necessary.

Brian ended up drawing and inking more of the anatomy than what would make the final print. He does that in case he fudged something up and got his dimensions wrong or he wants to repurpose the artwork later and doesn’t want to get off his lazy ass and draw more of it years later. But the major reason was that Travis & Jenny purchased the original art along with commissioning him to do the poster. So he wanted it to be special and have bonus material!!!

24”x18” Screen Print
Edition of 75 Signed & Numbered

24”x18” Screen Print
Edition of 15 Signed & Numbered

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