Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Timothy Pittides Eddie Vedder Amsterdam Poster Release

Here is Timothy Pittides first ever poster for Eddie Vedder and the final date in Amsterdam. The poster is a 7 color screenprint measuring 18 x 24 inches on French Speckletone kraft. Show edition features purple tulips while the AE (Artist Edition) has Orange tulips! His AE copies will be a signed and numbered edition of 100 (all 100 will not be available though).

 Story from Timothy on the design:
Was a fun one to do and a little backstory involving the guitar... I wanted to portray her as finding the guitar in the field and toying with it. knocking the dirt and tulip leaves away from this lost guitar...She isn't playing it... much like myself. You see, back in the late 90's I was a vocalist in a band, I have 0 musical ability. One day I just picked up my bandmate's bass and started playing Primus's my name is mud... holding the guitar the wrong way. I am right handed but for some reason I felt really comfortable playing it the other way... of course I got shit, and my friend tried to show me how to do the correct way, but it wouldn't work, so then on, any instrument that was lying around I would pickup and just strum the wrong way.
On sale FRIDAY, June 2nd at NOON EDT at

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