Monday, January 7, 2019

Matt Leunig String Cheese Incident Broomfield Triptych Poster

After a 2-year hiatus Matt Leunug returned to do another triptych set of posters for The String Cheese Incident‘s New Years Eve run of shows. This was his 4th NYE triptych for the band and a special one as it celebrates their 25th Anniversary.

This being a commemoration of the bands past and future they wanted to include some of their most iconic imagery… The Peacock, The Jellyfish and The Hooper all with a wintry, cosmic twist.

Each poster is 12″ x 24″, making up 36″ x 24″ as a set.

Matt will have 35 sets of prints as well as 5 rare Uncut sheets, with the artwork all on one oversized print. These will all be signed/numbered.

Available on Jan. 7th 11am EST at his store.

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