Thursday, August 6, 2020

N.C. Winters Fading Away Art Print Release

PangeaSeed Foundation is pleased to announce the latest print release in their 2020 print project, "In Peril: A Visual Story of Our Ocean's Greatest Challenges". Featuring original artwork by supporting ARTivist N.C. Winters (USA), this stunning limited art print edition highlights the beauty, plight, and the importance of one of the most important ecosystems on the planet, coral reefs.

Recent studies have revealed that 50% of the world's coral reefs have already been destroyed due to human impact, and another 40% could be lost over the next 30 years. We must act now if we are to save this irreplaceable marine habitats.

Artist: N.C. Winters (USA)
Title: "Fading Away"
Dimensions: 18x24 inches
Regular edition details: Seven color screenprint, full-bleed, on French Paper Company, Construction Pure White, 100 lb cover

Deluxe edition details: Nine color screenprint, full-bleed, on French Paper Company, Construction Pure White, 100 lb cover with glow in the dark layer, and a transparent gloss glitter flake overlay.

Edition size: Regular Lush 150 prints, Regular Bleached 125 prints, Deluxe Lush 75 prints, Deluxe Bleached 65 prints. All prints signed and numbered by the artist.

Regular Lush $75 USD
Regular Bleached $100 USD
Deluxe Lush $135 USD
Deluxe Bleached $150 USD

Printed by the good people of VGKids.

Artist Statement:
"The goal behind “Fading Away” was to try and create a visual that brings attention to the urgent plight of coral in the world today. It was challenging to both illustrate the beauty of what we’re rapidly losing due to climate change and pollution, but also underscore the danger of the current situation. Thus, two versions of the print were made. The full “lush” version highlights the overwhelming color and beauty of a natural coral reef, while the “bleached” version emphasizes how much of the coral is looking today, bleached, near dead, and devoid of color. The element of the skull is also more emphasized in this version. It was an intentional reason to include a human skull, to draw the connection to the ocean and ourselves, to highlight the very literal way we can “see” ourselves connected to the ocean. What we will lose from the ocean will be directly felt by us as a human species.

On a technical note, this was one of the most challenging screenprint images I've created to date, with the full color builds and tonal range requiring airtight registration and color accuracy. Many thanks to the printing crew at VGKids for the exceptional job, as well of course, to Tre' Packard, PangeaSeed Foundation Founder and Executive Director, for having me on the project and for his patience in how long the print took to come to fruition." - N.C. Winters

You can help save coral reefs by:

Use reef-friendly sunscreen.
Only consuming sustainably caught sea life.
Reduce your and your family’s carbon footprint.
Eating less meat, try meatless Mondays!
Using less electricity at home.
Saving water.
Using less plastic, and reusing and recycling what you do use.

 Release date: Thursday, August 6 at 12pm PDT via

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