Monday, November 9, 2020

Malleus New Store & Poster Release


Malleus are so delighted, happy and proud to announce their new website and store.
It was a very long job that led them to catalog almost all of their works, focusing on poster art and making them realize how big the production of these 17 years of silkscreening has been. You are all invited to visit our new website, completely restyled and updated!

To thank all of You, for the constant support even during this dark period we're all going through, they want to give You a 10% discount on everything. It'll last until November 15th and it'll be valid for Your first order of posters at the new store. You can use this code yr55dbxe at the checkout.

Also pop into the new store, where You will find new sections and things, including a link to their music productions as Supernatural Cat and the new "Apparel" section, born from our joint ventures with their polish friends of 8merch. They have also launched a blog section in which they will try to show their work and share their creations with You!

This is the brand new poster they printed for their friends Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons for their 2 shows with Daniel Hutchens at Yokayo Ranch Ukiah, CA,USA.
Working on a gig poster in this period, when live music all over the Planet has almost stopped, has been such a pleasant thing. Malleus worked on a request to include a blond and a brunette woman and, being the show is in Ukiah California, above SF in the woods, land of wine, weed, and fire, they tried to put a few of these elements in the design. The poster is a 4 colors handmade silk screened print, limited edition of 103 copies.

 Malleus also worked on an Art print version called “Ambrosia”, that in the Ancient Greek mythology was the drink of the Gods. This is a 6 colors handmade silkscreen print in a limited edition of 60 pieces. They used a glitter color to highlight the ambrosia in the glasses and the flames coming out of the eyes of the two women / goddess.
Both prints are on cream heavy paper.

The NEW Malleus Store HERE will be online and ready at around 6:13AM EST Monday November 9.

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