Monday, November 9, 2020

Winner of the Neal Williams Primus Poster


As most of you know I use the random number generator to pick a winner for the Free Friday Poster Giveaways. Sometimes with the giveaways a comment from someone just cracks me up and that happened this time with Scott Mandel's comment " Wynona's big brown beaver. Gotta say it's weird to type that lol.". I laughed every time I read it. One it's funny and two it sounds like something I would write/say. 

So congratulations Scott you are the winner, email me your address and I will be shipping the poster to you. My email is to the right, if you are viewing this on a mobile click web version at the bottom to see the infoz.

Thanks to everyone that entered and to Neal Williams for providing the poster. Be sure to check out his store HERE for this poster and many others.

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