Monday, November 2, 2020

Maxx242 The Witching Hour Art Print


"The Witching Hour" is a black light reactive / glow in the dark screen print designed by Maxx242.

Poster measures 18" x 24" and is a 2 color screen print featuring black light reactive / glow in the dark inks. Posters are signed and numbered in an edition of 100 by artist Maxx242.

Here's some info and inspiration on the print from Maxx242...

The Witching Hour

October 31st, It’s 3am and he gazes at the moon. The witching hour they say. The powers, the wizards, the witches, and the kittens come out and play. He frolics through the pumpkin patch, as free as the bats soaring through the sky. There she is watching over him, there she is, his witch, his moon, his eye. She is his reason, she is his life, she is his power deep inside. An eternal connection, bonded in the night, bonded in the flame, in the blinding light. It’s the witching hour they say, in the full moon, it’s her time to take flight. For she is his heart, his dream, the ink on the pages at that. For this is the tale of the witch and Onyx the midnight cat...

This piece was inspired by my baby panther Onyx, my black cat. I saw him sitting there one night and wondered, "What’s in his feisty little mind?" What has he seen, why does he sit so deep in thought? There I found The Witching Hour. Funny, it was probably close to 3am too lol - Maxx242

On sale now at Fight4Dreams Studio Online Store.

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