Thursday, February 25, 2021

Tom Whalen AC/DC Philadelphia Poster Release



ECHO Gallery is proud to announce the AC/DC 2021 Poster Series. This officially licensed limited-edition series will showcase some of today’s biggest and brightest visual artists, creating works inspired by the music and career of AC/DC.

First in the series is a print by artist Tom Whalen, commemorating the performance from the start of AC/DC’s Back in Black Tour, July 31, 1980 in Philadelphia, PA. Philly was the second US date on the tour and one of the first shows to feature Brian Johnson as the band’s new singer. 

“The brand new "Back in Black" cassette tape that i packed for our family trip to Orlando became the soundtrack of my summer of ’91. I played it over and over and over and couldn’t wait to get back home so that I could explore the rest of AC/DC’s catalog. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m beyond grateful to being asked by ECHO to produce a poster honoring AC/DC, a band that has been a part of my life for so long.” – Tom Whalen
This 7-color screen print measures 18”x24” and will be available in these limited edition variations:

AC/DC July 31, 1980 Philadelphia, PA (Fire Edition) – 175 pcs / $55
AC/DC July 31, 1980 Philadelphia, PA (Midnight Edition) – 75 pcs / $65
AC/DC July 31, 1980 Philadelphia, PA (Fire Gold Foil Variant) – 75 pcs / $80
AC/DC July 31, 1980 Philadelphia, PA (Midnight Lava Foil Variant) – 75 pcs / $80

In the future, look for AC/DC posters in the series from artists Frank Kozik, Dirty Donny, Tom Whalen, Adam Stothard and other artists TBA.

ECHO is also excited to present the AC/DC Poster Series 2021 Subscription. Subscribers will receive exclusive Subscription Variants of all 6 posters in the 2021 series. These variants will be screen printed on creamy pearlescent gallery stock with a semi-metallic finish, and only available via this subscription. In addition to the 6 series posters, subscribers will get an additional (and exclusive!) 7th poster, plus a host of other cool surprises shipped directly to their doorsteps in three separate shipments during 2021. Only 50 of these Subscription Sets are available.

Tom Whalen’s AC/DC July 31, 1980 Philadelphia, PA and the AC/DC Poster Subscription will be available at 11AM PST / 2PM EST Friday February 26th in the Echo Gallery Store !

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