Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jermaine Rogers and a bunch of new prints for the SDCC

This is just a note to let you know that this week, Jermaine will be on the road again... in San Diego for the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. Jermaine will have plenty of cool things at his booth (booth #5036) and looks forward to another packed event. If you're able to make it out, you're in for a treat.


Jermaine Rogers, Booth #5036
THU, JULY 23 - SUN, JULY 26, 2009

Here's a few of the things that Jermaine will be dropping at the Con:

- New WEEN (Asbury Park, NJ) screenprint -

Jermaine has accepted 3 poster commissions from the mighty band WEEN for the present tour. This is the first, a screen print measuring approx. 30x20 inches for the recent show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ. The prints allotted for the show sold out with a quickness. Jermaine will have some of these prints available at the Comic-Con. The print is from a signed and numbered edition of only 75. These will go fast: Jermaine will hold a portion back for a websale in a couple of weeks. The imagery has a very '80's fashion' feel to it. It's printed on white gallery stock and features lovely custom inks including line art printed a brilliant metallic gold. And yes, there is a story behind the imagery: read on below...

- 'A Flower For Tara' art print (SDCC EXCLUSIVE) -

Yes, the imagery for the above WEEN print is also presented as a very limited edition art print. With an edition of less that 20, this one will be hard to come by. You who are well-versed in modern rock poster art imagery will recognize that the little skull flower our lovely girl is holding is influenced by one lovely piece of art that was created by poster artist Tara McPherson. Jermaine says, 'This image is dedicated to Tara and all of her hot friends. I know I haven't met them all.' This poster is printed on mirrored metallic coated stock. Again, these will go fast and will exclusively debut at SDCC 09. Tara will be there, also: A unique opportunity to have the print signed by artist and influence all in the same day.

- 'AFRO-PUNK (Will I Live Tomorrow?)' art print -

This 7-color screen print measures approx. 25x18 inches and is printed on white gallery stock. Designed for this years recent AFRO-PUNK festival in NYC (www.afropunk.com), Jermaine has re-imagined Hendrix as if he came along about 20 years later than he did. The image was originally part of a trio of prints depicting 3 African American personalities as stereo-typical 'punk rockers'. This image was a hit in NYC and Jermaine received quite a bit of kind words for this image, most notably from film-maker Spike Lee, who mailed his copies of the print back to Jermaine to have them personalized directly to him. A signed and numbered edition of only 75, these will go fairly swiftly. A handful will be held back for a websale in a couple of weeks....so again, your best shot is at Comic-Con.

- 'AFRO-PUNK (Will I Live Tomorrow?)' art print (SPECIAL SDCC EDITION) -

This Comic-Con special edition features the above imagery printed on gallery mirrored metallic stock, adding a dazzling brilliance to the piece. From a signed and numbered edition of only 25 copies.

- MORRISSEY (Texas) screenprint -

Available to the general public for the first time anywhere, the 'in-demand' Morrissey poster of the moment. Jermaine created this poster several months ago for Morrissey's concert dates in Houston and El Paso, Texas. The print, which was well-received by the Morrissey community, has made it into a few peoples' hands. There have been many inquiries as to when it will drop. Well, Jermaine will have a very limited amount of copies for sale at Comic-Con. The image depicts the Moz seated between 2 of his biggest idols, James Dean and Marc Bolan of T.Rex. Screenprinted and VERY limited. A few of these MAY be held back for a future websale. Measuring approx. 30x20 inches on white gallery stock.

- 'Kings Of Rock' Mini Print (SDCC EDITION) -

Measuring 12x11 inches, this sought-after image from last year's Comic-Con has been re-worked and presented as a special screened mini print. It is printed on French speckletone stock and is from a S/N edition of only 40.

- 'BELIEVE' Dero Resin Prototype Figure -

'YES', to answer all of the emails at once. We will debut the new RESIN piece that will be released in a very limited edition in the near future. The piece is called 'BELIEVE' and is beautiful cast resin, measuring 9 inches in height. Jermaine and resin master Brin Berliner worked many hours on this piece, crafting and re-crafting every detail...down to the expressionistic out-stretched fingers of this Dero master. The figure will also be released as a beautiful bronze sculpture, for the discerning collector. Two of the variant resin prototypes will be on display at Comic-Con. Above are a few sneak peeks.
Along with all of the above will be other items from the vaults, available for purchase: rare variant figures from Jermaine's toyography, literally a pile of rare gems from his poster catalog, a look at the new Jermaine X Vans shoes in person, as well as some other surprises (Yes, there will be a few '27 Club' prints available). Jermaine will be at the booth periodically throughout the show to say hello, do sketches, and hang out. Dustin Booth (from Jermaine's DERO 72 Gallery) will also be there, essentially running the booth. They look forward to seeing you!

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  1. Was "StonY Pony" on the Ween poster a mistake or editorial comment?


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