Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pushead @ SDCC (Thursday, 7.23)

Pushead continues his annual tradition of a tour de force event at SDCC. This year he brings his kaiju goodness and other surprises to Toy Tokyo (#5237) on Thursday (7.23) starting at 4:40 PM. While Pushead is keeping things on the down low for now, we do know that he will release a special SDCC exclusive Skullcaptain FHP4 ‘Gangway Ye Crowsnest Copa’. in an extremely limited event for $94 each. This edition was handpainted at the factory to match Pushead’s original.

After Pushead reveals his treasures and collectors select their favorites, Mike Sutfin will hold a mini session offering several customs @ 6:40 PM. Not to be missed, even if you have just a passing interest in Kaiju – it’s part of the SDCC experience for vinyl toy fans.

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