Thursday, July 23, 2009

Parry Doogan Clint Eastwood Gran Torino Art Print

Get off my lawn! 5 color hand-pulled Clint Eastwood inspired screen print on French Oatmeal colored stock. This is an edition of 39 signed and numbered prints.

Free stuff: The first 15 people to order this print will get one completely unique test / experimental print featuring the Eastwood image. Each test print is signed (but unnumbered) and printed on 19x25 French paper. Most of the test prints have stuff printed on both sides with an occasional errant foot print or other random imperfection. Parry will let you know when you place your order if you ordered in time to get the test print.

They are $25 with shipping

For international shipping costs or any other inquiries send him an email:
info (@)

Shoot him an email to get the print first before the ad appears on gigposters classifieds so you can get one of the test prints.

Parry is the same guy that did the Joe Strummer poster I showed you last month that are badass. He may still have some ask him if he does.

Parry let me know he does have some Joe Strummer posters left

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