Monday, July 13, 2009

New toy design by Ryon Xavier Smith Supa Fly

Ryon sent over pics and info of his latest toy design, Supa Fly. I keep bugging him about his Samurai Hockey player, he is going to have a painted version soon.

From Ryon

Here is my new toy design SUPA FLY i took this idea because i love the 70's classic SUPER FLY by GORDON PARKS. The soundtrack by CURTIS MAYFIELD is amazing i listen to it everyday. I also have a love for really cool insects and bugs plus i wanted to give it a twist. In DETROIT we men love to wear suits and cool shoes so what more can i say. We dont know what the plans will be for this design yet we wil keep you posted. Oh yeah he has a few side kicks also beetle boy and Queen BEE.

Looks badass, nice work as always Ryon.

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