Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Mike Saputo Golden Axe Sega Video Game Poster

As kids, the guys from Skuzzles spent a good portion of their time in a video store or an arcade. A lot of arcade games have faded from memory over the years, but Golden Axe (SEGA) has stood the test of time. For this limited edition screen print video game poster, Skuzzles teamed up with artist Mike Saputo, who also grew up losing an endless amount of lives in Golden Axe. This is their first time using gold foil, and they couldn't be happier with the end result. In an attempt to try to capture the awesomeness of the gold foil variant, here is a gif to demonstrate its glory.

Golden Axe - Regular Edition - $45 USD
Officially licensed screen print video game poster - SEGA
Limited edition of 175
Size 18" x 24"
9 Colors printed on French Durotone Butcher Off-white

Golden Axe - Gold Foil Variant Edition - $65 USD
Officially licensed screen print video game poster - SEGA
Limited edition of 100
Size 18" x 24"
10 Colors printed on Brilliance Gold Foil

Note: All prints are hand made limited edition screen prints, and individually numbered.

Here's a little bit from artist Mike Saputo on his Golden Axe artwork.
“1989. I believe I was a senior in high school and we spent a lot of time at the local 7-11, and for a while in one particular spot of said 7-11 - the spot where the one video game console sat by the windows. Usually it was Double Dragon like always. Until one day some new fangled game was sitting there in place of DD...whatever it was this game better be good to replace the legend that was Double Dragon. I could tell by that marquee that we might have a new obsession on our hands, and once those coins pumped in that slot and those 3 players rotated on that skeletons hand it was confirmed. Gilius Thunderhead was his name, and he and his golden battle axe were my go-to. Always.”
On sale now at www.skuzzles.com

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