Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Zoltron Zombie Yeti Primus Los Angeles Posters Release

Once again, Zoltron and the evocative Mr Zombie Yeti Studios collaborated on a couple of posters for the Primus shows in LA last weekend.

The latest Primus album is called “The Desaturated Seven,” which is based on an amazing 1970s children’s book called “The Rainbow Goblins.” It’s a story about these creepy, groveling, insatiable goblins who will stop at nothing, using their trusty rainbow lassos, to capture and extract all the color from rainbows, rendering all of nature void of color for the rest of time… What assholes.

For their posters, they decided to create some vintage Advertisements, pandering to those devious, conniving goblins. These posters were pages pulled directly from a high profile, internationally published Goblin Magazine, marketing the all new Primus Brand Rainbow Lassos® which, as 6 out of 7 goblins agree, De-saturate Rainbows much faster than the old Rainbow Lassos®.

Posters are 6 color screen prints, measure 18” X 24” and come from an edition of 275 for each night.

 They will be releasing artist copies (as well as some rainbowie variants) around 11am PST on Jan 3rd at The Zoltron Store located at http://zzz.zoltron.com/

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