Tuesday, January 9, 2018

James Flames Widespread Panic Atlanta Poster Release

James Flames had the extreme pleasure of being asked to create the official poster for Widespread Panic's New Year's Eve shows, which took place at the hallowed Fox Theatre in the band's hometown of Atlanta.

With these shows being so special, James wanted to create an epic scene that encompassed all the best parts of what the experience could be.
The scene takes place in a hidden cave, buried deep in the Earth, under Atlanta. A group of explorers have heard tales of the magical music hidden in this cave, and so they’ve descended into the cave from cables up above, so that they could discover all the wonders inside.

What they’ve found is a place that holds the origins to the Fox Theatre --- carved inside the rocks are intricate patterns resembling Alhambra in Spain (which were actually the inspiration for the carvings and decor of the Fox when it was first built in 1929).

And one of the explorers, as he hangs from the cable mid-air, has found “Mighty Mo”, the fabled pipe organ of the Fox Theatre. He reaches over to press one of the keys... and a sound bursts from the pipes alongside the rocks, and seems to start a chain reaction of musical reverberation inside the cave, which manifests as these blue floating orbs. The mountain dogs that the explorers traveled with start howling, singing along with the sound of Mighty Mo.

Down below, the rest of the explorers are making discoveries of their own. The ground is littered with musical instruments -- drums and cymbals, and guitars that are half buried in the ground, as if it’s a ‘guitar garden’.

But most interesting is the series of magical doorways they have found. It’s New Year’s Eve, after all, and these doorways have opened up portals for the explorers to travel between time itself -- literally walking into a doorway on one side of the year, and walking out of another doorway at the other side of the year! JF
Besides the regular edition screenprint, there are also two exclusive Holofoil Variants also available in limited amounts.

18" x 24", Five Color Screen Print
Artist's Edition of 65, Signed & Numbered

"New Year's Fireworks" HoloFoil
18" x 24", Five Color Screen Print on Fireworks HoloFoil
Artist's Edition of 18, Signed & Numbered

"Galactic Windows" HoloFoil Variant

18" x 24", Five Color Screen Print on Galactic Windows HoloFoil
Artist's Edition of 28, Signed & Numbered

Everything will be on sale on his website Tuesday, January 9th at 2pm Eastern at www.jamesflames.com

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