Thursday, April 12, 2018

Edward Scissorhands & RoboCop Movie Posters Release By Mondo

Thursday Mondo are celebrating two of their favorite films centered around the theme of cybernetic human alteration! First up, they have a gorgeous new poster for EDWARD SCISSORHANDS by Shan Jiang. Tim Burton's beautiful 1990 fairy tale is a modern classic and they're very excited to team up with Shan on their first poster for the film. The movie tells the story of Edward, a kindly figure whose inventor (the legendary Vincent Price) dies before he's able to complete his creation, leaving him with scissors for hands. Very much a modern FRANKENSTEIN, Shan's approach to his poster beautifully captures Edward as a solitary tragic figure who is a kind and endlessly creative soul with a monstrous appearance. Shan's work on the sculptures flanking Edward is amazingly rendered and beautifully detailed.

In addition to EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, they'll have an awesome poster for ROBOCOP by Josan Gonzalez! Presenting a gritty slice-of-life take on decadent and crime-ridden Detroit, Josan's approach to ROBOCOP is suitably full of grime and packed with amazing detail. They've been excited to collaborate with Josan on a poster for a while and couldn't be more stoked on the final result.There is a variant as well.

These posters will be available Thursday at a random time via

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