Monday, March 11, 2019

Ravi Zupa The Queen Justice Print Release & First Marvelous Adventures Poster

Ravi Zupa has released the first of five posters in a new monthly series called “Marvelous Adventures.” All characters for the series are pulled from Hindu mythology (Durga,Hanuman, Rama, Garuda, Kali) and feature some of the oldest superheroes on Earth.

The release marks a return to Zupa’s childhood drawings, many of which emulated the look and feel of comic books. “At some point, I abandoned that style when I discovered the magic of German renaissance printmaking, which behaves similarly but is more ordered and technical,” Zupa says of the design.

Inspired by Marvel and DC comics from the 1960s and ‘70s, the throwback nature of the series has been an enjoyable trip down memory lane for the artist. “Drawing in this way was surprisingly comfortable and fun for me, like returning to the places in my
childhood neighborhood where I used to play and explore.”

Zupa’s decision to launch the series with a print featuring a strong female archetype was intentional. “The last several years have been marked by Durga’s persistent efforts and I imagine she will continue. To a large degree, she is the same archetype as Wonder Woman.”

The series of five prints (each with five colors, 24” x 36”) will be released as limited editions of 40 each over the next five months. To order your own, visit Zupa’s online store HERE.

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