Tuesday, March 26, 2019

James Flames Dave Matthews Band & Eric Church Posters Release

First up is James Flames latest poster for Dave Matthews Band, from their recent show in London.

The title for this one is "Magic Always Finds You”, and here's its little story from James: It's a typically rainy day in London, and a young couple is taking a lazy stroll through the city. Along their way, they pass by this curious building that catches their eye – something about it just calls to them, and the plants and flowers inside look SO inviting. So they come in from the rain for a few minutes to find some peace and quiet in this happy little place – and just as they get comfortable and start to dry up, star-dust floats through the window and dances around them, celebrating young love. They reach out and grab a little bit of the magic, so that they can take it with them as they go back out into the city, back out into the rain.

Next, he'll be releasing the new posters he made for Eric Church, from his recent shows in North Carolina. According to James "this was a really fun and challenging project. It's a three-poster set (triptych), with all three individual posters combining together to make one giant image." These will be sold as matching number sets of three posters.

But, James wanted to take this to another level, and so he created the image so that the two end-pieces could combine seamlessly to create a two-piece set (diptych). For these, he made special uncut sheets -- so it's one giant 36" x 24" poster, uncut, combining the two posters together. These uncut sheets are exclusive to his website, they were not available at the shows, and they're limited to an edition of only 25!

Everything will be available Tuesday, March 26 at 2pm Eastern at www.jamesflames.com

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