Thursday, March 14, 2019

John Vogl Red Tailed Hawk Art Print

John Vogl has released and couple of new prints and has taken his professional career in a new direction yet the same.

From John:
At the start of the year, I decided to eschew "The Bungaloo" name in favor of working under my own name. If you're wanting a longer explanation, I posted about it on Instagram a little while back. In short, as my work and career continue to evolve, I feel it's more appropriate to work under my own name, and not a nonsense moniker I came up with when I was much younger that has lost all meaning to me.

All that said, you can still expect gig posters, screen prints, and some giclees from me going forward. I'll be offering less shirts and other retail goods in an effort to focus on new artwork instead. Speaking of which, I have a couple of new prints to share. The first is a Red Tailed Hawk, which I made in anticipation of heading down to Austin, TX later this week for the annual Flatstock Poster Show at SXSW (I hope to see some of you there!). The second in another portrait print I made for a recent opening at Helikon Gallery, titled "I Know You're Right But That Doesn't Mean I'm Going To Listen".

Red Tailed Hawk is 18x24 4 color Screen Print, signed and numbered edition of 60.

Buy them at NOTE the new website addy.

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