Monday, March 4, 2019

Grateful Dead Mardi Gras Blotter Art Print

In the '90s when the Grateful Dead were routinely selling out stadiums, they held annual Mardi Gras festivities in Oakland and brought such New Orleans legends as the Neville Brothers on stage to entertain the revelers.

For one such occasion, the band commissioned artists Mikio Kennedy and William Giese to design a t-shirt and the resulting image was a stunning interpretation of the carnival-themed Grateful Dead song "Reuben and Cherise." In the 24 years since the design was released, it has appeared on shirts, stickers, prints and even a puzzle.

This year Shakedown Gallery is pleased to announce its release as a signed, numbered limited edition blotter art print, complete with Fleur De Lys and Lightning Bolts.

200 pieces
Signed and Numbered
Perforated into 300 quarter inch squares

On sale now at

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