Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Matt Leunig Dead & Company Los Angeles Poster

Dead and Company are ramping up their Summer Tour right now and Matt Leunig was lucky enough to be asked to do one of their 1st stops at the iconic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

The venue itself, The Hollywood Bowl, is a beautiful outdoor venue that has a very recognizable shape to it. Early on Matt knew he wanted to try and work this into the design somehow and applying it to the “Steal Your Face” logo was a perfect fit. The trick was finding a balance of adding other Dead and Los Angeles-related imagery and not overwhelming the piece. A couple different layouts and color schemes were tried… including adding and removing eyeballs & mushrooms.

This print is a 6-color screenprint (18″ x 24″) and it is an Artist Edition (signed/AP) run of 150.

Buy it at in his store.

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