Friday, June 14, 2019

Brian Ewing Mastodon Columbus Poster Release

Brian Ewing did the poster for the Mastodon concert where he lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Says Brian :
I'm excited to FINALLY show off the poster I was commissioned to design for MASTODON! "Crack The Skye" was always one of my favorite albums by the band. I was fortunate enough to see them back when I lived in NYC. My buddy Josh Bernstein took me to see them when they were on tour with Dethklok back in 2009! And my beard stylist - Bethany, always had photos of her and Brent Hinds in her station and would tell me stories about the band. It just made me love the band even more. I had ALWAYS wanted to work with them but it just seemed like I was never in the right place...until Kyler Sharp and Lady Lazarus were curating this tour - "UNHEAVENLY SKYE". THANKS to those guys for sharing the chance to work with the band!!!

I sent in the idea of a dead astronaut. Something I had been wanting to draw if not just for the Wally Wood piping on the suit. Kyler and Isaac were stoked because it fit perfectly for the band's song "Oblivion". I worked on this in the mornings before and every night after - Sonic Temple. The Deadline was crazy - but most deadlines are.

Isaac at Lady Lazarus did me a solid and sepped this out from 18 colors to 10 colors! 10 colors! It looks so fancy! Most of my work is 3-5 colors. So my brain exploded after seeing the final print. I wish I could work in this many colors all of the time. Plus it's bigger than I usually work!
10 COLOR Screen Print!!! 10!!!
Edition of 100*Signed & Numbered

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