Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Arna Miller Apesnake Print

Arna Miller has released and new poster with 1xRUN.
"Apesnake moves through its natural habitat, solving problems as they arise; although, like the poster says, sometimes they had different ideas about how to get things done. Ah, every relationship.

This character first showed up in my work in 2017 for a group show in which artists created fictitious movie posters, my movie being Apesnake 2, subtitle: Based on the Incredible True Story.

I first saw Apesnake in the obscure Canadian independent movie Machotaildrop, as a statue in a themepark.

The design is inspired by vintage science fiction story covers and references for the drawing of the gorilla and snake came from an informational book about animals; and the internet." –Arna Miller
Apesnake is 18" x 24" 4-Color Screen Print on 100lbs French Fine Art Paper with an edition of 50 and comes signed/numbered along with a COA.

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