Thursday, October 24, 2019

Godmachine Box Set Release

This Friday Flood Gallery are releasing a Godmachine box set with new prints and a lot of content related to the poster work he's done over the past few years.

Housed in a 12” HOT PINK lift of lid box with internal foiling- This new, limited edition 48 page Hardback book picks up where 'The Art of Godmachine' left off two years ago.

Inside the box you’ll find…

Three new & original Godmachine art prints

A 12” Sticker sheet (10 Godmachine designs for personal use)

Each Limited Edition Godmachine box set also comes with an exclusive...

Holding two sets of 4 pin badges, one gold enamel badge, a set of exclusive Godmachine BIC coloring pencils and a 100mm woven patch.

The Box set is available to pre-order at 4pm BST which is 11am EDT this Friday.

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