Tuesday, October 22, 2019

David Welker Wednesday Prints Release aka The MONSTER DROP

David Welker is heading into an intense work phase in preparation for a year ending Open House at the new Brooklyn showroom. He hopes to see you there on December 29th. For those of you attending the Sunday night Phish show at Madison Square Garden he'll open the doors at 12 noon so it can be a festive pre-show gathering with Art & Music & Fellowship in mind.

In the meantime, he is releasing several editions this Wednesday to help support the two month immersion to prepare for this show.

David says
"I'm very excited about these colorful multi layered screen prints. I've waited for this time to release them before the Holidays get too close. I get a lot of emails from people who have yet to hit a print drop as well as long time collectors who are having trouble hitting drops. I hope that having some options and some decent sized editions will help first time collectors and veterans to land something they want. I truly appreciate your ongoing support of my work. I'm hoping to develop a "Troubadour" themed landscape series for the December show. I think I'll probably be as surprised as anyone else at the outcome. See you soon!"
All of the prints will be available on Wednesday (10/23) at 12PM EDT on his web-store HERE.

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