Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Darin Shock David Bowie Art Print

After the release of Darin Shock's John Lennon print last year, he decided to make a series of prints entitled "Genius". They will be 12.5x12.5", modestly priced, small edition, black and white portraits of artists who have advanced the human species with their brilliant contributions. The next print in the series is David Bowie (and his legendary character Ziggy Stardust).
Bowie's entire career is fascinating and unique, but my favorite era is the Ziggy era. It was so revolutionary. The story of an androgynous rock star who is sent to Earth to save us all is beyond interesting...especially considering this was done WAAAAY ahead of it's time in the early 70's. Concept (and character) aside, the music is positively brilliant as well. Bowie is quite simply a genius.-Darin
Prints are available right now at State of Shock Studios Store.

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