Monday, June 22, 2009

3 new posters on sale from Brad Klausen- Big Business and 2 Eddie Vedder 2009 Tour Posters

Big Business

If you haven't heard Big Business and you like heavy music then you need to go
to itunes or myspace or the music store immediately! They used to be just a
bass and drum duo but now have a guitar player, hence the three guys in the
poster... drums (mallets), guitar (axe) and one giant pummeling bass
(sledge hammer).

The poster is 17" x 24", 6 colors (the gold is metallic) and they are signed and
numbered out of 182 however only 100 are up for sale.
They are $25 plus shipping.

Eddie Vedder 2009 Tour Poster

Keeping in line with the last two legs of Ed's solo tour posters, here's another
shot of Ed, this time the photograph used was taken by Liam Finn.

The poster is 16"x24", 2 colors and signed and numbered.
They will be $50 plus shipping.

Eddie Vedder 2009 Tour Poster - EVel Rocket

In case it's not obvious yet, Ed is a fan of Evel Knievel. Will our hero make it
across the canyon...? Only time will tell...

The poster is 18"x24",5 colors (the gold is metallic, unlike the show copies) and
signed and numbered. They will be $60 plus shipping.

All three of the posters will be for sale Tuesday June 23rd at 1:30 PM PST. at
More Mogwai and Flight of the Conchords
After packing up the last batch of orders, turns out Brad still has some of these
posters available. So if you missed out on either the Mogwai or both of the
color ways for the Flight of the Conchords, there will be more available as well.

There are still a lot more posters to work on along with processing and packing
new orders, so please allow at least 2 to 3 weeks for delivery on these orders...
here's what's in the works... 2 Pearl Jam posters, Flight to Mars, "No Fin No
Future" charity art print, Day 16 Art Print, Spinal Tap movie poster for the Alamo
Theater and some more gig posters for a few more bands to be announced later...

People on the West Coast will be lucky this fall. Pearl Jam is only touring the west coast in the fall. So hopefully Brad will be doing some of those posters as well.

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