Monday, June 15, 2009

Opening: Bristol Museum Vs. Banksy lots of pictures

Arrested Motion has some great pictures from the opening of Banksy’s summer show “Bristol Museum Vs. Banksy” and is excited to share them with their readers.

Visitors to the show had very little idea what to expect, but Banksy pulled out all the stops with his new work and integrated older pieces flawlessly. Those familiar with Banksy’s work will recognize several reworked pieces that have been seen in the past as well as a re-contextualized NYC “Pet Shop and Grill.” What stands out most however, is the quantity of new work in the show.

There are at least 70 new works in the show that have never before been exhibited. What’s most striking about the overall exhibit is how appropriately it fits inside the museum. His work is no longer out of place: it belongs. Clearly every detail of the installation was meticulously planned as much of it is site-specific. Even the gift shop full of Banksy’s books and other street art related paraphernalia seems to fit right in.

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