Thursday, June 18, 2009


'The 27 Club' Art Print (Regular Edition)
All 3 members of Post Neo Explosionism are proud to release their first collaborative art print entitled: 'The 27 Club'. This 7-color screen print measures approximately 28 x 24 inches. The imagery embraces one of the most enduring cult phenomena of rock music: the pantheon of influential musicians who passed from this mortal world at the age of 27. Of course, there were a few others in the history of rock and roll who perished at age 27 and are not depicted here. PNE decided to choose a few of our favorites for this print: can you identify them?

This collaborative print is the first of various PNE art prints planned for the future, addressing a variety of topics ranging from the sublime to the utterly ridiculous. Enjoy.

The regular edition of 'The 27 Club' is limited to 200 signed and numbered prints. Signed by all 3 artists.

Top picture

'The 27 Club' Art Print (Black 'Glow' Edition)
This edition renders the '27 Club' imagery in an otherworldly pale tone, printed on black stock. When the lights are out, the image glows in the dark.

This print measures approximately 28 x 24 inches and is strictly limited to 100 signed and numbered prints. Signed by all 3 artists.

Bottom Picture

Who the hell is PNE? It is EMEK, Jermaine Rogers and Justin Hampton

Both of these prints will be released on the PNE website ( on:
Friday, June 19th, at a random time between 1pm & 2pm MOUNTAIN TIME
(3pm - 4pm EASTERN; Noon - 1pm PACIFIC.)

Limit of one of each poster per buyer. Absolutely no holds are reservations: first come / first served.

PNE at TRPS and 'American Artifact' Movie Premiere
Make sure you mark down Saturday June 20th on your calendar. It's going to be a big day for poster fans everywhere! Justin Hampton will be representing PNE at the Rock Art By the Bay poster artists show at Fort Mason in San Francisco, California. It's free to all, and Justin will have an extremely limited amount of the '27 Club' print available on a first come / first served basis, along with PNE stickers and maybe a few other surprises. BUT, Justin will have one item in particular that will only be available at the TRPS show...and it's in conjunction with a special event happening in San Francisco on Saturday. That evening TRPS will be sponsoring the world premiere of the long-awaited documentary film 'American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art'. This is the world public premiere of the film. The film features interviews with your favorite poster artists from the 60's to the present (including copious amounts of all 3 members of PNE), and chronicles the history and rise of the art form.

In a special arrangement with the filmmaker and TRPS, PNE has produced a very limited and special version of 'The 27 Club' print that advertises the world premiere of the film! This item will only be available at the TRPS show in San Francisco...period. Only 40 of these prints will be available: just look for PNE/ Justin Hampton's booth at the show. Again, there will be absolutely no holds or reservations for this item: first come / first served. Once sold out at the TRPS show, it is gone.

For more information on the TRPS show and/or the film 'American Artifact', please visit the following:

*A side note*- Hampton will be attending the 7:00 screening of the movie and take part in a Q&A with the director and various other artists.

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