Monday, June 15, 2009

UP x Sam Flores Dragon Boy Available for Presale

Just in from UP as I first told you about HERE.

Upper Playground & Sam Flores Dragon Boy
Vinyl Figure Available for Presale

Upper Playground is proud to present the newest in a series of vinyl figures slated for release in 2009 – Dragon Boy designed by Sam Flores. Known for his signature characters and fusing them with Asian motifs, Flores’ Dragon Boy fuses his influences in this new groundbreaking figure. “I've been traveling [to]…a lot of places in Asia; I pick up a lot of things, styles and aesthetics. I'm infatuated with the beauty and architecture…the lines and attention to detail of everything.” (Interview with Modart).

Unlike most other vinyl figures, the Dragon Boy is made up of 3 pieces creating the illusion of the dragon floating through the clouds. The figure measures 10” tall and the head, midsection and tail feature extremely detailed gradient blends. Dragon Boy will come housed in a double-sided window box with a scenic insert card. Limited to 500 units, Dragon Boy is slated to release in early September but is available for presale beginning Monday, June 15, 2009, on the Upper Playground web store.

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About Upper Playground:

Based in San Francisco, CA, Upper Playground is the leader in today’s progressive art movement with its innovative apparel and accessories line and art galleries. Since 1999, Upper Playground has been recognized as a catalyst for the fusion of fashion with fine art. UP apparel and accessories are designed by local and international artists including Sam Flores, Jeremy Fish, Estevan Oriol, David Choe, and Alex Pardee. The Upper Playground collection is sold in over 300 boutiques worldwide and online. In addition, Upper Playground has stores and galleries in San Francisco, Berkeley, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, New York, Mexico City and London.

About Sam Flores

Fifteen years after first arriving on the West Coast from New Mexico, Sam Flores, an art school evacuee and self-taught illustrator, has established his place in the modern art movement as a master of fine art and product design. His contemporaries include Shepard Fairey (OBEY), Mike Giant, Jeremy Fish and David Choe, whose collective bodies of work have forged a pathway for a new and accessible movement within the popular art world. Flores’ artistic quality is unpretentious and provocative and demands consideration without categorization.

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