Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Official Statement about the status of Expresso Beans- yes it will be back

Although we had hoped that EB's downtime would be very limited (and thus no mention/statement need be made) it appears that we may be down for a bit and not quite sure what the timeline is at the moment.
However, the EB staff would like to make it clear that this is a server/programming issue and NOT something that stems from a financial problem. We are not "down for the count" and have every intent to have the site back up as soon as it can be managed. There is a solid group of people who work to keep the site running - not a single person.
While we don't have a timeline knowing when the site will be back up at this point, we are doing what we can to make it happen as soon as is possible from our end. We know that many people use the site but also please bear in mind that there isn't much we can do beyond where we are. Please try to be patient - if you're going thru withdrawl, breathe and you'll be fine ;)
Hope to see you all back at EB soon...
-Brendan (EB President)

Just passing the message along, I'am in no way connected to the inner workings at Expresso Beans. The photos are also my sense of humor and in no way connected to what happened.

UPDATE 7-1 10:30AM


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