Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crazy 4 Cult "Point Break" Print Preview by Jeff Boyes of Visual Technicians

Jeff was asked to contribute some work for the latest Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988.

What Jeff had to say about his art work:

I've wanted to do a Point Break print for years! Growing up my friends and I watched this movie a lot. I think being from Canada, Surfing movies were a little extra awesome to us because it was a lifestyle we couldn't really experience or live.

The colors are a bit of a homage to the Endless Summer poster. (except I used red instead of Pink) I was also going for the early 90's surf colors.

A little tribute to Patrick Swayze and his character Bodhi.

They are sold through Gallery 1988 and online at starting on July 9th (maybe July 10th)

Check out Jeff's work at

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