Saturday, June 19, 2010

TrustoCorp takes out Mr Brainwash in New York

TrustoCorp is back at it again on the streets of New York. Bombing Mr Brainwash on the streets. Great stuff guys !!!!!


  1. That's awesome. I'm convinced Brainwash is a fake of some sort. I talked to a friend the other day and told him, if Brainwash is the child of say Banksy then this is the greatest stunt ever. If Brainwash is the real deal who am I to put him down, it's ovious that peole dig the work, hell i'd even consider dropping some cash on one. So in the end of this ramble, while it might be a complete ruse, if it's not you either get a crazy good art stunt or some okay street art. No one loses, I guess.

    Writing about Brainwash is hard.

  2. its clear from trustocorp's work that there are rednecks in New York. "your kind ain't welcome in these here parts."