Monday, June 21, 2010

Kiwi Print by Jeff Boyes of Visual Technicians

Wow Jeff could not have planned this any better. With the performance of the New Zealand team yesterday in the World Cup match this is more than fitting.

Edition of 60, signed and numbered
16" by 26"
Printed by D&L Screenprinting in Seattle on Cream Mohawk stock.
$40 plus shipping

I ask Jeff about the concept behind the print.
"A. I'm a New Zealand citizen as well as a Canadian citizen. I grew up with this copper etching of a Kiwi at the bottom of my stairs so since then I've always wanted to illustrate a Kiwi in a more modern way.

B. Try not to let the things you can't control get you down. Everything behind him is in flight, but he's just fine walking his own path."

Jeff as you may or may not know was one of the artist in the last LOST series of prints he also did a killer poster last year for The Professional Movie that was part of the Crazy fo Cult Show at Gallery 1988

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