Monday, June 14, 2010

"The End" - LOST Poster 2nd Colorway by Joshua Budich

From Joshua:

The response to my print "The End" has been overwhelming to say the least. I'm honored and humbled by your emails and comments about how much the show meant to you. You all know how much the show meant to me as well, so this project was a labor of love, and I'm just as excited to be hanging this up on my wall as many of you have told me you are.

That being said, a whole heckuva' lotta' ya' ended up missing out on this print. I've debated long and hard, and come to the conclusion that as a fan of the show, as well as being a rabid print-collector myself, I owe more of you a chance to get your hands on this print. So, I'm running a second colorway of "The End". It'll be a 3-color, Metallic-Silver, Black & Red, 18"x24" screenprint, on cream paper. This run will be slightly larger, 125 prints, each signed and numbered. I'll be dropping it this coming Tuesday, June 15th, at a random time (some time after 1pm EST), on my site at the following URL:

This'll be it folks. So, once these are gone, they gone! If you scored one of the Blue-Variants of this print, I cannot refund your purchase if you decide you like the silver one better. Also, you are welcome to try to score this second colorway if you have already scored a blue one, but keep in mind that I am giving preference (in the case of a sell out) to those who did NOT get a print in round 1.

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  1. Once they're gone they're gone didnt apply to the 1st edition, kinda lame, but dig this color better